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Factory Price-ISO Quality
1. Mingfeng Lighting has a comprehensive LED light fixtures in terms of quality inspection system, MF system do the job before production, production process, and strict inspection system according to AQL after production. All MF LED lights takes turning on testing 100%, and burning test without stop from 48 to 72 hours.

2. As a professional LED lights manufacturer with 15 years experiences in terms of design,produce and reengineering, Our factory specializes in led lighting wholesale, and our standard product offers a guarantee period of 5 years, some product evan provides a guarantee period of 10 years conditionally subject to the project&client's needs. The lead time for sample is 1 week, and 2 weeks for bulk order.

3. Our factory strategy is that we do not involve wholesalers, distributors, traders, and other third parties, as a result, Ming Feng Lighting Co.,Ltd as a professional manufacturer has a great advantage onto cost/quality/performance. All products are shipped directly from MF factory.

4. Ming Feng Lighting Co.,Ltd has a group of talented engineers in R&D, and an professional international sales engineers to secure communication smoothly, MF provide LED lighting design services to our valued customers. Subject to our client's projects, our engineer team provides suggestions of product line, do light calculations in terms of ROI(Retrun of Investment) according to project sketch drawings, and ROI as providing energy-saving plans to reduce lighting costs and ensure that the lighting investment returns are less than 1.5 years (in some cases, the lighting investment can be returned within 1 year subject to the project conditions).
  • Factory Price
    Without any middle-man,You get factory price DIRECTLY from MF. Clients are always in the best position in local market by working with our factory.
  • ISO Quality
    All product are produced 100% under ISO system, all kinds of smart machines secure quality standard 200% well executived.The quality checking system cherish their job as cherishing their eyes.
  • Efficient Time
    1 week for sample order.
    2 weeks for bulk order.
    3 weeks for customized item.
  • Warranty
    5 years for outdoor LED lights
    10 years for outdoor LED light (Conditionally)
    Warranty is warranty.
    No bullshit.
We have been producing light for more than 10 years
LED Indoor Lights
1.LED Panel Light 2.LED Down Light 3.LED Track Light 4.LED Triproof Light 5.LED High Bay Light 6.LED Track Light
7.LED Ceiling Light 8.LED Wall Light 9.LED Linear Light 10.LED Spot Light

LED Outdoor Light
1.LED Flood Light 2.LED High Mast Light 3.LED Stadium Light 4.LED Street Light 5.LED Garden Light
6.LED Explosion Proof Light. 7. LED Wall Washer Light 8.LED Canopy Light 9.LED Tunnel Light 10. LED Spot Light
Eco LED Flood Light
Eco LED Flood Light
Eco LED Flood light is designed for Bridge,mining area,sport industrial and sea port. this family is in super quality and performance with the help of outstanding design and world class components, 5 years warranty as always.1. LED projection lamp classification:① Rotation and symmetryThe lamp adopts a rotationally symmetrical reflector, and the symmetry axis of the light source with rotationally symmetrical light distribution is installed along the axis of the reflector; The isointensity curve of such lamps is concentric.When this type of projection lamp is illuminated by a single lamp, an elliptical spot is obtained on the illuminated surface, and the illumination is uneven; However, when multi lamp lighting, the light spots are superimposed on each other, which can produce satisfactory lighting effect. For example, hundreds of rotationally symmetrical projection lamps are commonly used in stadiums, which are installed on the high towers around the stadium to obtain high illumination and high uniformity lighting effects.② Two symmetrical planar shapesThe isointensity curve of this kind of projection lamp has two symmetrical planes. Most lamps adopt symmetrical cylindrical reflector, and the linear light source is installed along the cylindrical axis.③ A symmetrical plane rowThe isointensity curve of the lamp has only one symmetrical plane. Lamps shall be made of asymmetric cylindrical reflectors or symmetrical cylindrical reflectors plus grids to limit light* Typical is the sharp cut-off block retracted light distribution. This kind of light intensity distribution can obtain a satisfactory illuminance distribution with a single lamp.④ Asymmetric formThe isointensity curve of such lamps has no symmetrical plane. It mainly adopts mixed light lamps with different types of light sources with large differences in light intensity distribution and special lamps designed according to the specific lighting requirements of the place of use.2. Characteristics of LED projection lamp:Most LED projection lamps use high-power LED (each LED element will be equipped with a high-efficiency lens made of PMMA, which is mainly used to distribute the light emitted by LED, that is, secondary optics); A few companies choose 3W or even higher power LED because of good heat dissipation technology. LED projection lamp is suitable for large occasions, buildings and other lighting.
Quality LED high mast light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
Quality LED high mast light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
High Mast Light refers to a new type of lighting device composed of a steel lamp pole of 15 meters or more and a high-power combination lamp frame. It is composed of a lamp head, internal lighting fixture electrical, pole body, and basic components. The shape of the lamp head can be determined according to the specific requirements of the user and the surrounding environment. The height is about 15-40 meters, mostly consisting of two to three sections.1. The lamp post is in the shape of an octagonal, twelve sided, or eighteen sided pyramid, made of high-strength high-quality steel plate that has been cut, bent, and automatically welded into shape. It generally has heights of 25, 30, 35, 40, and other specifications, and is designed with a maximum wind resistance of 60 meters per second. Each specification consists of 3 to 4 plug-in connections. Equipped with a flange steel chassis, with a diameter of 1 meter to 1.2 meters and a thickness of 30mm to 40mm.2. Functionality is mainly based on frame structure, and there are also decorative materials mainly made of steel pipes and steel pipes. Lamp poles and panels are treated with hot-dip galvanizing.
Quality color led flood light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
Quality color led flood light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
1. Long lifespan: General incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and other gas discharge lamps all have filaments or electrodes, and the sputtering effect of the filaments or electrodes is precisely the inevitable component that limits the lifespan of the lamp. High frequency electrodeless discharge lamps require little or no maintenance and have high reliability. Their service life can reach up to 60000 hours (calculated as 10 hours per day, the service life can reach more than 10 years). Compared to other lamps: 60 times higher than incandescent lamps; 12 times that of energy-saving lamps; 12 times that of fluorescent lamps; 20 times that of high-pressure mercury lamps; The ultra long lifespan of floodlights greatly reduces maintenance troubles and replacement times, saves material and labor costs, and ensures long-term normal use. Due to the lack of electrodes in floodlights, they emit light through a combination of electromagnetic induction and fluorescence discharge principles, so there are no necessary components that limit their lifespan. The service life only depends on the quality level of electronic components, circuit design, and manufacturing process of the foam, with a general service life of 60000 to 100000 hours.2. Energy saving: Compared with incandescent lamps, energy saving reaches about 75%, and the luminous flux of 85W floodlights is roughly equivalent to that of 500W incandescent lamps.3. Environmental protection: It uses solid mercury agent, even if broken, it will not cause pollution to the environment, with a recycling rate of over 99%, making it a truly environmentally friendly green light source.4. No stroboscopic effect: Due to its high working frequency, it is considered as "completely devoid of stroboscopic effect" and will not cause eye fatigue, protecting eye health.5. Good color rendering: The color rendering index is greater than 80, and the light color is soft, presenting the natural color of the illuminated object.6. Optional color temperature: From 2700K to 6500K, customers can choose according to their needs, and can be made into colored light bulbs for garden decoration lighting.7. High visible light ratio: In the emitted light, the visible light ratio reaches over 80%, resulting in good visual effects.8. No preheating is required. It can be started and restarted immediately, and multiple switches will not cause the phenomenon of light decay in ordinary charged discharge lamps.9. Excellent electrical performance: high power factor, low current harmonics, constant voltage power supply, output constant luminous flux.10. Installation adaptability: It can be installed in any direction without restrictions.
Quality LED flood light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
Quality LED flood light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
The surface treatment of the lamp body is made of aluminum alloy die-casting and electrostatic spraying. The coating is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and anti-aging. The lamp body adopts an integrated design of light source and electrical appliance, with a compact structure and small volume. The reflector is made of imported high-purity aluminum material, with multiple reflective surface designs, forming various light distribution requirements. The light efficiency is high, and the glare light source can meet customer needs, Single or double ended metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps can be used. The lamp head is made of LED chip with a face shield of 5mm tempered glass, which is safe, high-temperature resistant, high-strength, and has good light transmittance. The sealing strip is corrosion-resistant silicone rubber sealing strip, which has good sealing, waterproof, and dustproof properties. High performance inductance ballasts, triggers, and capacitors are used to ensure that the electrical performance of the lamp meets the requirements of national standards. The internal wiring is 1mm PVC, suitable for landmarks, sports venues, squares, trees, billboards, etc Parking lots, exterior walls of buildings, etc.
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Ming Feng Lighting Co.,Ltd
Mingfeng Lighting Co., Ltd. is a LED Lighting manufacturer established in 2006.
Our product line includes LED planting lights, LED floodlights, LED industrial ceiling lights, LED panel lights and waterproof LED indoor downlights. Our products are widely used in large-scale lighting systems used in large farms, factories, schools, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, and many other applications. Mingfeng specializes in high-quality led lighting wholesale. Welcome to visit our factory.
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Successful Cases
True Event
Australia client visit MF factory for triproof light
Australia client visit MF factory for triproof light
Ming Feng Best seller MF triproof light Factory Price - Ming Feng,MF professional shipping team offers air/sea/train shipping, and arrange all kinds of custom documents. Client has no worries onto importing at all.MF Lighting have been producing LED tri-proof lights for years, MF-LL series is one kinds of our hot-selling LED lights. The LL-series have got SAA,CB, CE certificates. Every year we will export more than 50 containers  to all around the world.Our Client from Austrialia, client project import containers in terms of  item MF-LL series Led tri-proof lights per year ,and client distributes this item to their partner for sales or used for their tunnel projects.We have a professional engineer team, we can provide professional technology like DIALux simulation. That will help the customers’ projects a lot. The customers are satisfied with our work. 
South Africa Stadium Light Project
South Africa Stadium Light Project
Ming Feng Lighting factory successfull finished the project in South Africa for the soccer stadium light, client are supersied by see what has changed comparing with the old lamps, it saves electricity bill significantly.According to the person in charge of the upgrading and reconstruction project of the stadium of Johannesburg Sports Center (domestic games), on the evening of June 22, the construction party debugged the lifting system of eight light poles, of which two lights were on for test. After another lifting system debugging in the daytime on June 23, all the eight lights were on at 6:30 pm on June 23. Different from the installation of lighting lamps in the main stadium of Johannesburg Olympic Sports Center on a 40 meter high raceway, the stadium of the sports center is equipped with eight "Big Mac" lifting lamp poles, each 53 meters high (51 meters of pole body, plus 2 meters of lightning rod), weighing 19 tons. The lifting was completed in May this year, and each set of lamps and lamp frame weighs 4 tons, Such a volume of 8 lifting high-definition sports lighting pole design is rare in the country.
Austrialia Tunnel Light Project
Austrialia Tunnel Light Project
Australia Tunnel light project is super awsome with the help of our tri-proof light, it's a basement garay which as a tunnel long long time ago.As one of the main purposes of LED tunnel lamp, energy saving effect is obvious. Generally, this kind of product will use a variety of chips to produce a high-power product quality, which can be equipped with efficient power supply. When compared with lamps with the same brightness, it can save 75% of energy consumption, In this way, we can know how much energy-saving effect it will have through comparison. Because of its special chip composition, this product has a long service life, and it can guarantee a service life of about 500000 hours, which is one of the reasons why people like it. In addition, the LED tunnel lamp is green and pollution-free, does not contain aluminum and other special chemicals in it, and will not cause physical harm and environmental pollution to users. But there will also be some users who use it for decoration, the effect is good. People will use the special appearance to deal with, and its installation is simple, the scope of use will be more extensive.
Italy Street Light Project
Italy Street Light Project
Italy street case happend 6 years ago which is in year 2015, client find us via internet through our website, the technical director is very happy to see our data sheet, and our enginer team answer all questions in a very professional manner, techincial director was fully convinced after plenty of communications, and a testing sample from our factory was required, client is totally shocked to see such an amazing lamps, he said the sample is much much better than his imagination before get it on hand. as everybody knows, client orderd 1228 sets at the power of 60W and 120W. TBC.
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