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Tunnel light Project in Australia

The Australian tunnel project was officially opened today, and the Australian train went up the Australian mountains for the first time! The Australian tunnel project is located in the southeast valley between the Australian high mountains Gangdise mountain and Australian high mountains.

 More than 90% of the lines are above 3000 meters above sea level. They have crossed the Yarlung Zangbo River 16 times. The mountains and valleys along the line are high and deep, with a relative height difference of 2500 meters. There are 11 tunnels in the Australian tunnel project, with a total length of 110 km. Ming Feng Lighting provides customized tunnel lighting solutions for the first full line electrified railway.

The Australian tunnel project uses 79 controllers of Ming Feng Lighting to realize the optical fiber network disaster prevention and control lights, and nearly 9000 linear beams to detect the train running and stopping status. In the roof of the world with an average altitude of more than 3000 meters, the system realizes ultra long distance communication, and the products operate stably in the harsh environment of plateau.

In order to ensure that the traffic can be opened on time, the Ming Feng lighting technical engineer will go with the engineering staff after the start of the project. In two months, he will provide technical support in the whole process under adverse natural conditions.

The technical engineers and R & D engineers of Ming Feng Lighting measured the total length of more than 110 km tunnel line of the Australian tunnel project on foot. The system debugging and testing are carried out in the daytime, and the optimization scheme and testing scheme are discussed in the evening.

During the test run stage, the system will be on standby 24 hours a day, test run in the daytime and system commissioning at night. Live up to expectations, the system before the completion of the inspection and acceptance, officially delivered!

Ming Feng Lighting always adheres to the customer-centered enterprise values, gives full play to the strong initiative of the direct offices, and provides services across the country to create the maximum value for customers.

  • Austrialia Tunnel Light Project
    Austrialia Tunnel Light Project
    Australia Tunnel light project is super awsome with the help of our tri-proof light, it's a basement garay which as a tunnel long long time ago.As one of the main purposes of LED tunnel lamp, energy saving effect is obvious. Generally, this kind of product will use a variety of chips to produce a high-power product quality, which can be equipped with efficient power supply. When compared with lamps with the same brightness, it can save 75% of energy consumption, In this way, we can know how much energy-saving effect it will have through comparison. Because of its special chip composition, this product has a long service life, and it can guarantee a service life of about 500000 hours, which is one of the reasons why people like it. In addition, the LED tunnel lamp is green and pollution-free, does not contain aluminum and other special chemicals in it, and will not cause physical harm and environmental pollution to users. But there will also be some users who use it for decoration, the effect is good. People will use the special appearance to deal with, and its installation is simple, the scope of use will be more extensive.

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