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Ming Feng Lighting has been producing and exporting LED ceiling light for more than 10 years, we target our aim to LIGHT THE WORLD TOGETHER by taking action. Mf would like to share more values about LED ceiling light with all lovely clients.

1. High luminous efficiency

The luminous efficiency of the breathing lamp itself has reached more than 130lm / W, so the overall luminous efficiency of the breathing lamp ceiling lamp has reached 100lm / W. It is estimated that the luminous efficiency of breathing lamp will reach 240lm / W by 2020. High light efficiency means energy saving. According to the measured results, an 8W breathing lamp can replace a 32W ceiling lamp. The electric power can be saved more than 4 times.

2. Long life

The lifespan of breathing lamp is 100000 hours. After being made into lamps, it is actually recognized that the lifespan is at least 30000 hours. High quality lamps can achieve 50000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than fluorescent lamps. Even if the lifespan of three primary color fluorescent lamps with the highest lifespan is 10000 hours, it is still more than five times higher.

3. No toxic substances such as mercury

A very important advantage of breathing lamp lighting is mercury free. Mercury is an extremely toxic substance. However, most of the high-efficiency electric light sources used before 2012 contain mercury (mercury), whether it is common fluorescent lamps, compact energy-saving lamps, or high-pressure mercury, metal halide lamps, etc.

4. No ultraviolet radiation, no light pollution

It can provide light with various color temperatures, usually 2550-3700k, and 4700-7000k.

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