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Super Market light Project in Canada

The sales area of supermarkets and shopping malls is the place for consumers to shop. It is also very important for the design of supermarkets to maintain sufficient lighting and color coordination at the sales site, create a comfortable shopping environment for consumers and create a good shopping atmosphere. Generally speaking, the environment created by supermarket lighting should be concise and bright, and the purpose is to facilitate consumers and serve consumers, highlighting the characteristics of stores and commodities.

Supermarkets generally have shelf area, fresh goods area, cosmetics area and storage area

Area, office area, dining and rest area, outdoor and road advertising area, etc.

This time, we focus on the analysis of the supermarket shelf area, fresh goods area, refrigeration area lighting design.

Lighting design ideas and concepts

Large warehouse supermarket, daily passenger flow is very large, often can see pushing shopping cart

There is a long line of people waiting to check out, so such a supermarket needs a higher level of lighting design to achieve a higher illumination (500-10001x), so as to avoid overcrowding due to insufficient illumination. If the effect of office lighting design is to improve people's work efficiency under the appropriate lighting, and the supermarket creates a good shopping atmosphere through lighting, it can help the supermarket increase sales, because the lighting design of different commodities can be configured according to the different color temperature of the light source, so as to achieve the attractive effect and enhance the customer's desire to buy.

1. The choice of light color

The light color of the light source should not only coordinate with the supermarket space, but also make the texture of the goods the most accurate

Cut, the most authentic show to Canadian customers. At the same time, light and color also play a subtle role in the psychological mood of Canadian customers, which can make Canadian customers have a sense of trust in goods and produce the desire to buy.

Through the high color rendering light source to restore the original color of the goods, to better arouse the desire of Canadian customers to buy.

2. Selection of illuminance

The illumination level of large supermarkets is a problem that must be considered in combination with many factors

If the illumination is low, it will affect the attention of Canadian customers to the goods, and lack of guidance and recognition; If the illumination is on the high side, it will make people feel prickly and increase the power consumption. Therefore, we must carefully analyze and reasonably determine the illuminance.

Division and analysis of lighting design area

1. Shelf area:

In order to meet the needs of Canadian customers to save time, the goods listed on the shelves should have a higher price

At the same time, the illuminance should be able to help Canadian customers identify the color of the goods, so that Canadian customers can browse the shelves quickly, find out the goods they need, and make the decision to buy.

Illumination requirement: 10001x

People's behaviors vary greatly under different illuminations, and people's behaviors are different under low illuminations

They are more slow, more comfortable and unwilling to move; In the case of high illumination, people's behavior is fast and exciting. The key to the success of supermarket lies in the passenger flow. In order to maintain the high passenger flow, we should choose the lighting mode with high illumination, so that the Canadian customers will not stay in the department store area for too long, so as to avoid the scene of overcrowding in the area. Therefore, the illumination is set at 10001x. Color temperature requirements: 6000K people in different color temperature behavior differences, low color temperature (3000K) people feel comfortable, lazy, slow, and in high color temperature (6000K), it is fast, excited. In order to ensure a high passenger flow, it is suggested that the color temperature of the light source should be about 6000K.

Color rendering: RA > 70

The color rendering of light source is very important for Canadian customers to choose products. The products displayed on the shelves have their own colors. In order to ensure that Canadian customers can easily and quickly choose their favorite colors, the color rendering must be more than 70, which is also an important index to evaluate the lighting quality of supermarkets.

Service life: in order to reduce the impact of maintenance and repair on the operation of the supermarket, it is best to use long-life service

Light source.

The shelf area is the main body of supermarket commodity display, which needs both horizontal and vertical lighting design. by

So that all products have enough opportunities for Canadian customers to buy, appropriate and comfortable lighting

It is an important guarantee. Therefore, shelf area lighting is the best embodiment of lighting technology.

2. Fresh goods area:

Canadian customers want to buy high-quality, variety of food, enjoy warm and fast service anytime and anywhere, so such areas should focus on the freshness of food. Such areas include fresh area, aquatic area, bread area, miscellaneous grain area, pastry area, fruit and vegetable area, etc. in this area, the key lighting of fresh lamp is used to create a fresh environment.

3. Refrigerated area:

Whether in the refrigerator or in the freezer, frozen food should have good lighting effect

The fruit is fresh and cool. It is also necessary to reduce the lighting temperature to a minimum, so as to balance the lighting in the food display and preservation. The installation distance of lamps and lanterns should not only ensure the freezing effect of food, but also ensure that the colorful brand packaging shows bright colors, so as to make it easier for Canadian customers to see all products. Even if the goods are in the corner of the freezer or at the bottom of the freezer, make sure they have enough exposure in front of Canadian customers.

  • Canada Super Market Light Solution
    Canada Super Market Light Solution
    Canada Super market project was completed in year 2016, the project requires a super eye catching light effect in order to attract more client attention when do to be continued.With the popularity of the Internet industry, for supermarket enterprises, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is reported that in the first half of 2016, there were not many supermarket enterprises achieving double growth in revenue and profit. Therefore, it is particularly important to meet the needs of different consumer groups with a differentiated business model, and the quality and experience of supermarkets are also more important.Lighting is one of the main parts of supermarket to improve the quality and increase the sense of experience. Supermarket lighting needs light and shade. Reasonable light and shade matching can improve customers' experience and enhance comfort; Ming Feng Lighting provides lighting solutions for different supermarkets with its own specialty, which can improve the taste of displayed goods, increase purchasing power and improve the overall effect of supermarkets.Supermarket lighting is generally divided into the following three categoriesParallel cloth lamp: it can provide good lighting for goods on the shelf; The lighting utilization rate is high, but the space illumination and uniformity are poor, which is not suitable for the adjustment of pile head.Vertical distribution lamp: it can provide good lighting in the store space, with high uniformity, but the lighting is single, without a sense of hierarchy, and the commodity illumination is insufficientVertical composite lamp: it can provide good lighting in the store space, with high uniformity, strong sense of lighting level, high commodity illumination, but attention should be paid to glare.Customers' attention is more likely to be attracted by areas with good lighting atmosphere. Only in a dark environment can they see bright areas. In the whole lighting design process of boutique life supermarket, the whole lighting is the key. After determining the relationship between light and shade, the control of lighting becomes particularly important. The location and installation of lamps need to consider the convenience of installation and maintenance, replicability and glare control at the same time. For different display methods, lighting lamps should be reasonably matched.

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