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How MF do painting?

  • How MF do paintings?
    How MF do paintings?
    What is the process of  powder coating paint ?1、 Paint baking process, paint baking process for many people think that paint baking is a process treatment, in fact, it can not be mistaken. In practice, paint baking can be said to be both a coating and a process. The detailed paint baking process is as follows: each time paint is applied on the substrate, it is sent to the dust-free constant temperature baking room for drying treatment, which is repeated three times, four times or more.2、 Paint baking process paint baking room paint baking room is a kind of industrial equipment. Its structure adopts assembly structure. The room body is composed of child and mother plug-in thermal insulation and plastic spraying wallboard, which has good sealing and thermal insulation performance. There is a working door on the side of the room to facilitate staff access. It is also equipped with an aluminum alloy bonded door, and the door core is equipped with observation windows. Its main function is to carry out paint baking process.3、 Finally, repeatedly spray the primer for 3-5 times. After each spraying, polish the baking paint with sandpaper and abrasive cloth. After painting, touch the surface of the baking lamp with your hand to see if there are dust particles and bubbles. The surface of paint baking lamps shall be flat and smooth without particles and no abnormal feeling.4、 Paint baking process, spray 1-3 times of bright finish paint, and then bake at high temperature to solidify the paint layer. After that, tap with a hard object. The paint baking surface shall be free of cracks, serious paint film falling off, white skin falling off and other abnormalities, and the paint baking film shall not be obviously damaged.

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