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Outdoor LED Light

Ming Feng Lighting factory produce LED Spot Light, LED flood light, LED high mast Light,LED street Light, LED garden light,LED stadium light, LED explosion-proof light(Atex lamp), LED wall washer light and LED deck light. They cover a big arrange area for outdoor applications, these lamps is designed for hotel, buildings, freeway, airport, stadiums,contruction site, tunnel and so on. they are IP65,160lm/w,5 years warranty, 10 years warranty(conditionally), our engineer do light design for client project for professional proposer in terms of budget and ROI. OEM and ODM are always welcome with our factory, just talk to us, you get more with us.

  • Eco LED Flood Light
    Eco LED Flood Light
    Eco LED Flood light is designed for Bridge,mining area,sport industrial and sea port. this family is in super quality and performance with the help of outstanding design and world class components, 5 years warranty as always.1. LED projection lamp classification:① Rotation and symmetryThe lamp adopts a rotationally symmetrical reflector, and the symmetry axis of the light source with rotationally symmetrical light distribution is installed along the axis of the reflector; The isointensity curve of such lamps is concentric.When this type of projection lamp is illuminated by a single lamp, an elliptical spot is obtained on the illuminated surface, and the illumination is uneven; However, when multi lamp lighting, the light spots are superimposed on each other, which can produce satisfactory lighting effect. For example, hundreds of rotationally symmetrical projection lamps are commonly used in stadiums, which are installed on the high towers around the stadium to obtain high illumination and high uniformity lighting effects.② Two symmetrical planar shapesThe isointensity curve of this kind of projection lamp has two symmetrical planes. Most lamps adopt symmetrical cylindrical reflector, and the linear light source is installed along the cylindrical axis.③ A symmetrical plane rowThe isointensity curve of the lamp has only one symmetrical plane. Lamps shall be made of asymmetric cylindrical reflectors or symmetrical cylindrical reflectors plus grids to limit light* Typical is the sharp cut-off block retracted light distribution. This kind of light intensity distribution can obtain a satisfactory illuminance distribution with a single lamp.④ Asymmetric formThe isointensity curve of such lamps has no symmetrical plane. It mainly adopts mixed light lamps with different types of light sources with large differences in light intensity distribution and special lamps designed according to the specific lighting requirements of the place of use.2. Characteristics of LED projection lamp:Most LED projection lamps use high-power LED (each LED element will be equipped with a high-efficiency lens made of PMMA, which is mainly used to distribute the light emitted by LED, that is, secondary optics); A few companies choose 3W or even higher power LED because of good heat dissipation technology. LED projection lamp is suitable for large occasions, buildings and other lighting.
  • Giant High Mast Light
    Giant High Mast Light
    Giant family is a superb design for big open area, they can be excellent to install at sea port, apron, cross road, plaza. to be continued.
  • Atex Eco Triproof Light
    Atex Eco Triproof Light
    Atex Eco Triproof Light is desgined from refine industrial, it has huge demands over there. Our Atex Eco triproof light is professional item for these applications in terms of cost/performance ratio. TBC.
  • Best LED Street Light Factory Price - Ming Feng
    Best LED Street Light Factory Price - Ming Feng
    Ming Feng  lighting factory has been involved LED street light for more than 10 years, a bunch of talent engineers concentrate on the technology of LED light, the SLIM family is a perfect babe from R&D team, MF would like to contribute more to LED industrial. As to the LED street light, there are a lot of advantages comparing with the conventional lamps,The advantages of LED lamps over traditional lamps are as follows:1. High photoelectric conversion rate: under the same electric energy conditions, the brightness of LED lamps is many times higher than that of ordinary lamps.2. Energy saving and environmental protection: the lighting area is the same, and the power consumption of LED is many times less than that of ordinary lamps. In short, it is to save electricity and pay less electricity charges.3. Strong fall resistance: as far as a single LED itself is concerned, it will not be damaged if it falls at a height of 2m, which can not be done by ordinary lamps.4. Not easy to break: this feature is relative. Only in a general sense, there are few bad situations in the use of LED. LED lamps with poor quality are easy to break.5. Small size: light. An LED lamp is as small as a few millimeters and as large as a few centimeters, so it is more convenient for transportation and storage.6. Low temperature operation: LED lamp is a cold light source, generally from the illuminant to the lampshade
  • LED Street Light-Crystal Family
    LED Street Light-Crystal Family
    Cystal family street light is made of glass and Alu.
  • Moon Street Light
    Moon Street Light
    Moon Street light family is a solid design road lamp for our lovely city, the avatange is as following,No.1Long working life: as a solid-state light-emitting device, LED has a longer working life than other light-emitting devices. Its brightness half-life can usually reach 100000 hours.No.2Low power consumption: LED is a low-voltage working device. Therefore, under the same brightness, the power consumption is the smallest, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption. On the contrary, with the development of technology and materials in the future, it will have higher luminous efficiency. People have calculated that if all lighting fixtures in Japan are replaced by LED, two large power plants can be reduced, which is very beneficial to environmental protection.No.3Fast response time: LED can generally respond within tens of milliseconds, so it is a high-speed device, which is beyond the reach of other light sources.No.4Small size, light weight and resistance: These are the inherent characteristics of semiconductor solid devices.
  • Knight Atex Light
    Knight Atex Light
    Knight Atex light is an talented design in terms of safter and performance for chemical industrial. TBC.
  • Rescuer Atex Light
    Rescuer Atex Light
    Rescuer Atex Light is a superb item for refine industrial. TBC.
  • Quality Stadium lights Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Quality Stadium lights Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Stadium lights  compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.Ming Feng summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of Stadium lights can be customized according to your needs.Horseman family is an innovative item for stadium insutrial at super performance.
  • Stadium Light Superman  Family
    Stadium Light Superman Family
    Spending two minitue by watching this clip, you know why our super man family as stadium light is a professional sport light.No.1. Superman stadium light has narrow beam and wild beam as combination with the help of modular design. it can spread the light evenly onto the target area.No.2. Four types of installation mounting structure has a very flexible solution to fix the lamp in any kinds of sport application, and it would save a lot of electrition cost.No.3.The world class chip and driver gives a very reliable quality and performance, and factory offers 5 years warranty, 10 years(conditionally)No.4. A ROI(return of investment) is less than 1.5 year in football stadium, basketball stadium,sea port, plaza and theater. You get factory price from ming feng lighting co.,ltd, for more datas and videos from our sales engineers.
  • Stadium Light Ironman Family-factory price
    Stadium Light Ironman Family-factory price
    Ironman Stadium light is a superb solid design stadium light for soccer, sea port , plaza,football stadium,ice hockey rink and so on, in another word, any suport stadium is the ideal place to use this lamp thanks to the great performance of 160lm/w, the narrow beam of 10 °gives the accurate light dirction and long distance illumination purpose.Ironman stadium light works in a very royal role for audience for providing professional light to the right place, the asymetric lens and sysmetric lens combination makes any kinds of stadium spreads the light evenly onto the ground and audience seating area.Ming Feng Lighting factory has been exporting this family for years because of reliable quality and performance, it enables client repeat ordering montly from some contractors. Thanks to MF R&D team effort onto stadium light passion and technology, ODM service is always very efficient in a very good economic manner for specified project.The final goal works at the same together with our clients at the end of the story, Lights the world.
  • SupEco LED FLood Light
    SupEco LED FLood Light
    Supeco LED flood light a flood light with DOB technology at great cost from ming feng lighting factory, to be continued.

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