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MF trainning in HZ

  • MF Training in HZ
    MF Training in HZ
    “Come on. Come on... ""Stick to it a little bit more and take a step forward to win..." One after another, the cheers reverberate in the landscape of dongxiyong coastline in Shenzhen, turning into a symphony of soul. From March 10 to 11, nearly 100 management and sales personnel of MF lighting participated in the outward bound training organized by the company with the theme of "never forget the original intention, forge ahead and create brilliance again", and experienced a different life experience. From organizing new teams to selecting team names and slogans, training can get familiar with team members in the shortest time, which indicates that the whole process is inseparable from collective wisdom and strength. Whether it's "excellent team", "Qunlong water", or "walking through dongxiyong" or "sand sculpture DIY", one project after another is challenging the physical limit of each team member. The whole team made concerted efforts, and each team member who participated in the outward bound training ran in the green land, climbed in the mountains and wantonly on the beach, and achieved one goal after another.As a supplement, I just hope that my efforts can help my partners to complete the task. " After working together to complete a project, although a colleague of Gan Dang LVYE was too tired to breathe, he solemnly said that he was willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the team, and his words received warm applause. In these projects, the team members realized that everyone in the team is not an independent individual, but an important factor for the success of the team. Everyone should absolutely obey the leadership and the group. They often think together, work hard together, and work together towards the common goal. Through this outward bound training, we really realized what is "I am proud of my team, my team is proud of me", we really saw the spirit of "do not abandon, do not give up" in our own team and comrades in arms, we really understood what is honest, mutual help, sincere cooperation, do our best, we really understood what is the real team spirit. Although they sometimes fail, sometimes they are frustrated, sometimes they are lost, sometimes they are misunderstood, but we all have the belief that we will win, the courage, enthusiasm, determination and the spirit of sticking to the end, the tolerance to the people around us, and the heart full of gratitude for life. Persisting and breaking through time and again, what is left is sweat and what is gained is the determination of the team to work together. Everyone also expressed that they are full of confidence in completing this year's work goal, and they should strive for the company to become bigger and stronger in the LED lighting industry and contribute their own strength!
    October 01, 2020

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