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Street light Project in Italy

"In the past, the old halogen lamp was used at the door, and the brightness was not enough. Now with the new LED lights, it feels bright all of a sudden. " On the 12th, Mr Fabrizio, a customer living near Milan, Italy, told Ming Feng Lighting Engineer.

Mr Fabrizio said that the street lamp transformation started at the end of last year. At present, the comprehensive transformation has been completed, passed the acceptance and put into use.

In recent years, the city of Milan in Italy has been expanding, the number of street lamps in the city has increased year by year, and the maintenance of street lamps in the city has increased. In order to improve the quality of road lighting in Milan, Italy, ensure the safety of people's travel at night and save energy to the greatest extent, the Milan City Authority of Italy takes the lead in docking with the lighting company to upgrade 17880 street lamps in the main streets of the city, such as liuyiqi road in the north, Shanhe road in the south, Chian Avenue, Funing Avenue, Longjin Road, etc.

What is the mode of transformation? Through field investigation, Milan City Authority and relevant Lighting Companies in Italy finally chose the contract energy management mode (EMC mode), that is, the energy-saving service company in the society signed the energy-saving service contract with the competent department, and the energy-saving service company invested in the renovation of street lamps within the service scope, It is an operation mode to recover investment and profit from the energy-saving benefits after energy-saving transformation.

"We have completely replaced the old lamps and lanterns to achieve a comprehensive power saving of more than 60% for street lamps, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 3500 tons and sulfur dioxide emissions by about 105 tons." Mike, the general manager of the District, who implements the street lamp replacement in Milan, Italy, said that within 10 years, all equipment will be invested by enterprises. After the expiration of the service period, all transformation products of the project shall be transferred to the local government.

"This effectively reduces the financial pressure of government departments, improves the power saving rate of street lamps after transformation, and prolongs their service life." Municipal Engineering and landscape management of Milan, Italy.

  • Italy Street Light Project
    Italy Street Light Project
    Italy street case happend 6 years ago which is in year 2015, client find us via internet through our website, the technical director is very happy to see our data sheet, and our enginer team answer all questions in a very professional manner, techincial director was fully convinced after plenty of communications, and a testing sample from our factory was required, client is totally shocked to see such an amazing lamps, he said the sample is much much better than his imagination before get it on hand. as everybody knows, client orderd 1228 sets at the power of 60W and 120W. TBC.

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