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    MF Enjoy BBC
    It's exciting to go to Huizhou today. Guess what MF team is going to do in Huizhou? To pick mushrooms? wrong! Why don't you buy mushrooms? Mushroom? The answer is barbecue!The location of barbecue is cherry blossom forest in Huizhou. Because it is not cherry blossom season now, there are no cherry blossoms, so we have to imagine it out of thin air! After arriving, immediately ask the location of the shop and start barbecue!First of all, spread aluminum foil on the iron plate and evenly spread the fragrant cream, so a piece of salmon will slide down and make a creaking sound on the iron plate. Next, put down a plate of meat, separate it one by one and turn it over after a little baking. Emily is responsible for baking salmon slices, and Johnson is responsible for baking meat slices. During the process, you have to turn it over all the time, but you won't be tired or tired I'm sorry. After baking, put it in the bowl of the person sitting nearby, and then continue to bake it. If you have a little spare time, you can eat it quickly and continue to bake it. Claire's favorite is roasted sauzhen mushroom. It's a little hard when it's just roasted. If it's roasted for a long time and dried, the soup in its thin and long part will be sealed, and it will be flat Flat place will be baked crisp, bite will taste the crisp skin, inside the sweet soup will flow out, bite to the end there is crisp and crisp taste, without sauce is also very delicious. At the end of the baking, there was nothing to bake, so MF team put a piece of cream on the baking plate. After the cream bubbled, it would not be seen for a period of time, so MF team continued to "observe the cream ecology". This time, MF team added some pepper in addition to the cream, and the results showed that the bubbles became finer and denser, which was really interesting. After eating the barbecue, there are also "mushroom pot" in which there are all kinds of mushrooms, including Pleurotus eryngii, Pleurotus eryngii, Pleurotus Xiuzhen, Lentinus edodes, Brazil mushroom, etc. Among them, the taste of Brazil mushroom is very special. It looks dry and shriveled. It tastes a little QQ. There's soup flowing out, and it's delicious. Its soup is also very fresh and sweet, because the soup has been seasoned, and the mushroom itself is very sweet, so the soup is naturally delicious.MF team went to play Frisbee first because they were a little full. Originally, they thought it was easy to play Frisbee, but the turf was a slope. When they lost Frisbee too far away, they often had to run up and down. When MF team was a little tired, they were ready to have a rest. Unexpectedly, there was a dessert after the meal, which was mung bean cake. Its skin was fragrant and crisp, and the stuffing was not too sweet. After eating, there were grapefruit, most of which were deliciousFruitsMF teams love to eat, but some MF teams like it very much, and grapefruit is one of them. And this grapefruit is delicious, soft and sweet, called "soft rice". After a big meal, we decided to take a walk in the garden. There is a coffee shop and a viewing platform on the mountain. They are all made of cypress wood, and they can smell the fragrance of cypress wood. After watching the scenery, it's time for us to set foot on the way home.This trip to Huizhou, although everyone was very tired after coming back, it was really interesting. Of course, MF team learned more barbecue skills!
    October 01, 2020

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