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How MF do Soldering?

  • How MF do soldering
    How MF do soldering
    Ming Feng Best How we do soldering Supplier,Universal certificate enable our product penetrate world market freely, client can import from MF factory at great convenience pace.The machine is used to realize the surface welding of different media, which is a physical change process. Firstly, the head end of the gold wire must be treated to form a sphere (MF uses negative electron high pressure to form a sphere), and the welded metal surface shall be preheated first; Then, under the joint action of time and pressure, the gold wire ball produces plastic deformation on the metal welding surface, so that the two media can reach reliable contact, and through ultrasonic friction vibration, the metal bond is formed between the two metal atoms under the action of atomic affinity, so as to realize the welding of gold wire lead. MF gold wire ball welding is superior to silicon aluminum wire welding in electrical performance and environmental application, However, because the weldment with precious metal must be heated, the application range is relatively narrow.

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