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Warehouse light project in Germany

Recently, 165 sets of Ming Feng Lighting - 100W High Bay light have been applied to the German customer warehouse lighting renovation project to replace the original 250W and some 400W HPS lamps.

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Recently, 165 sets of Shanghai Ming Feng Lighting - 100W High Bay light were applied to the lighting transformation project of German customer warehouse to replace the original 65W and some 85W energy-saving lamps. By virtue of the lighting transformation results, Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light has been unanimously recognized by the project owner, the customer and the direct beneficiary - German customer warehouse staff. A person in charge of the customer warehouse in Germany said: "before I used to use energy-saving lamps, I had to climb up and replace them in three to six months. Now I can replace them with LED lamps for two or three years." A picker sighed: "since I put on the LED light, I can see it at last!"

Lighting effect of German customer warehouse workbench

First of all, Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light completely solves the quality problem that restricts the replacement of traditional lighting products by high-power LED bulb lamps. Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light abandons the mainstream heat dissipation material aluminum substrate in the market, and exclusively adopts ceramic radiator and hollow convective heat dissipation structure, so that there is no heat accumulation inside the lamp body, and the heat is more fully distributed, which solves the quality problems of fast light decay and short life caused by poor heat dissipation, and makes the life of LED bulb lamp have a qualitative leap, To provide a solution of saving energy and energy for warehouse lighting.

Secondly, the lighting efficiency of Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light reaches 100 LM / W, which is higher than 80-90 LM / W of similar products in the market, so that the warehouse lighting has lower electricity expenditure and better lighting effect.

At the same time, compared with led industrial and mining lamps with the same luminous efficiency, Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light adopts the most common E27 and E40 interfaces on the market. It does not need to replace the lamps as a whole, and can be replaced directly by the previous lampshade, avoiding material waste and reducing the threshold for LED bulb lamps to replace energy-saving lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps.

Finally, Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light has a weight of less than one kilogram, which is very light, reduces the hanging load of lamps and lanterns, and is safer to use.

Lighting effect of German customer warehouse after renovation

The demand of German customer warehouse lighting transformation project

Before the transformation, the German customer warehouse used 65W and some 85W energy-saving lamps as warehouse lighting lamps. The brightness and display index were low, the lighting uniformity was low, there were large shadows, and there were problems such as glare and stroboscopic, which had an impact on the normal operation of employees. At the same time, due to the need for close to 24 hours of on time, energy-saving lights decay very fast, high replacement frequency, neither economic nor environmental protection (containing heavy metal mercury).

Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light and installation of lampshade

After the lighting transformation, the Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light can save 50% of the original energy-saving lamps, and its service life can be increased to 4-7 times. To a certain extent, it reduces the electricity expenses of German customers' warehouses, and saves the time and labor costs caused by frequent replacement of lamps. In addition, Ming Feng lighting-100w High Bay light with its reasonable illuminance design can greatly improve the uniformity of lighting and reduce the shadow area; High color rendering index is close to the natural light, and no glare, no stroboscopic, can alleviate the long-time work fatigue of employees, maintain a good working condition. Finally, for the warehouse, the use of LED light as a cold light source can better protect the goods from the thermal radiation of the light source, which is more conducive to preservation.

Lighting effect of German customer warehouse after renovation

In recent years, with the unprecedented prosperity of the logistics industry, the number of warehouses is growing rapidly. In addition, the original warehouse is facing lighting transformation, and the demand for warehouse lighting is increasing by 20% every year. The Ming Feng Lighting German customer warehouse project provides an economic and practical reference sample for the lighting transformation of warehouses and production workshops with similar lighting needs.

  • Germany Warehouse Light project
    Germany Warehouse Light project
    Zoomable UFO highbay light is an ideal light for warehouse, our client from Germany are very happy to import from ming feng lighting factory, the result impressed client, and they introduce this lovely family to all their suppliers , it's absolutely a multi-happiness result that everybody wants... TBC

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