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Stadium Light Project In South Africa

There is a football field in Johannesburg, South Africa, which has lights installed, but these lights have never been on

It caused a lot of kids to play football in the dark.

"In 2019, after the completion of the green space upgrading and transformation in Jinggang, South Africa, there will be not only a football field, but also a protective net and lights installed on it around the football field." South African customer Mr pachick said that although there are lights in the green space of Beijing and Hong Kong in South Africa, and many fitness areas have lights, the lights installed on the protection network of this football field have never been on. "Many children only have time to play football at night, because there are no lights, they all play football in the dark."

South African customer Mr pachick said that since the football field in the green space is equipped with lighting, it should be able to light up at night. Only in this way can it be convenient for people who like to play football, especially for children.

After receiving the help from Mr pachick, a South African customer, Ming Feng lighting engineer came to the green space of Jinggang in South Africa and saw that there were many lights installed on the protective net of the football field, but they didn't light up at night.

After that, Ming Feng Lighting Engineer contacted Mr pachick and found Mr Klaus in the greening management center of South Africa Landscaping Center. He said that the lighting in the Beijing Hong Kong Green Space in South Africa should be in the charge of the municipal urban lighting management office.

Soon after, the city lighting management office told Ming Feng Lighting Engineer and Mr pachick that the staff of the city lighting management office went to the scene to find out that the lighting of the football field was not installed by the city lighting management office, and the installation unit was not clear“ After investigation, it was found that there was a potential safety hazard in the lighting of the football field, which could not be powered on for the time being. "

"In order to facilitate the night fitness of the surrounding citizens, we have decided to re plan and design the lighting of the football field and other areas in the Beijing Hong Kong Green Space in South Africa, so as to meet not only the lighting needs of the visiting citizens, but also the fitness needs of the citizens as far as possible." The city lighting management office said that some lamps and lanterns installed by individuals without permission in the green space will be demolished and redesigned because they do not meet the safety requirements. After completion, they will provide better night lighting effect for the public on the premise of ensuring safety.

  • South Africa Stadium Light Project
    South Africa Stadium Light Project
    Ming Feng Lighting factory successfull finished the project in South Africa for the soccer stadium light, client are supersied by see what has changed comparing with the old lamps, it saves electricity bill significantly.According to the person in charge of the upgrading and reconstruction project of the stadium of Johannesburg Sports Center (domestic games), on the evening of June 22, the construction party debugged the lifting system of eight light poles, of which two lights were on for test. After another lifting system debugging in the daytime on June 23, all the eight lights were on at 6:30 pm on June 23. Different from the installation of lighting lamps in the main stadium of Johannesburg Olympic Sports Center on a 40 meter high raceway, the stadium of the sports center is equipped with eight "Big Mac" lifting lamp poles, each 53 meters high (51 meters of pole body, plus 2 meters of lightning rod), weighing 19 tons. The lifting was completed in May this year, and each set of lamps and lamp frame weighs 4 tons, Such a volume of 8 lifting high-definition sports lighting pole design is rare in the country.

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