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Ming feng lighting factory has been developing and producing LED high mast light for almost 10 years, LED high mast light has another name of high power LED flood light, stadium light, sport light and so on.

high mast light generally refers to a new type of lighting device which is composed of steel tapered lamp pole more than 15 meters and high-power combined lamp frame. The utility model is composed of a lamp cap, an internal lamp, a pole body and a basic part. The shape of lamp cap can be determined according to the user's requirements, surrounding environment and lighting needs; Most of the internal lamps are composed of floodlights and projection lamps. The light source is ng400 high pressure sodium lamp with a lighting radius of 60m. The rod body is generally a pyramid shaped single body structure, rolled with steel plate, with a height of 15-40 meters, mostly composed of two to three sections.

  • Giant High Mast Light
    Giant High Mast Light
    Giant family is a superb design for big open area, they can be excellent to install at sea port, apron, cross road, plaza. to be continued.
  • Phenas High Mast Light
    Phenas High Mast Light
    Phenas high mast light is a family in MF product family tree, it's designed to use in Apron and any other big open area, the intallation hight is more than 25 meters.
  • Quality LED high mast light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Quality LED high mast light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    High Mast Light refers to a new type of lighting device composed of a steel lamp pole of 15 meters or more and a high-power combination lamp frame. It is composed of a lamp head, internal lighting fixture electrical, pole body, and basic components. The shape of the lamp head can be determined according to the specific requirements of the user and the surrounding environment. The height is about 15-40 meters, mostly consisting of two to three sections.1. The lamp post is in the shape of an octagonal, twelve sided, or eighteen sided pyramid, made of high-strength high-quality steel plate that has been cut, bent, and automatically welded into shape. It generally has heights of 25, 30, 35, 40, and other specifications, and is designed with a maximum wind resistance of 60 meters per second. Each specification consists of 3 to 4 plug-in connections. Equipped with a flange steel chassis, with a diameter of 1 meter to 1.2 meters and a thickness of 30mm to 40mm.2. Functionality is mainly based on frame structure, and there are also decorative materials mainly made of steel pipes and steel pipes. Lamp poles and panels are treated with hot-dip galvanizing.

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