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Ming Feng Lighting factory has been designing and producing LED flood light for more than 10 years,we'd like to support our client with the help of our engineer talent tech-know-how as following,

Flood lights are not spotlights. Flood lights produce highly diffused, non directional light rather than clear-cut light beams, resulting in soft and transparent shadows. When used for object lighting, the speed of illumination weakening is much slower than that of spotlight lighting. Even some floodlights with very slow illumination weakening look like a light source without shadow. The spot light projects a directional, well-defined beam to illuminate a specific area.

Led floodlights are widely used, so the installation skills and precautions are very important. LED is a new light source. Under the correct installation mode, it can ensure the stable and long-term normal operation of LED floodlights.

  • Eco LED Flood Light
    Eco LED Flood Light
    Eco LED Flood light is designed for Bridge,mining area,sport industrial and sea port. this family is in super quality and performance with the help of outstanding design and world class components, 5 years warranty as always.1. LED projection lamp classification:① Rotation and symmetryThe lamp adopts a rotationally symmetrical reflector, and the symmetry axis of the light source with rotationally symmetrical light distribution is installed along the axis of the reflector; The isointensity curve of such lamps is concentric.When this type of projection lamp is illuminated by a single lamp, an elliptical spot is obtained on the illuminated surface, and the illumination is uneven; However, when multi lamp lighting, the light spots are superimposed on each other, which can produce satisfactory lighting effect. For example, hundreds of rotationally symmetrical projection lamps are commonly used in stadiums, which are installed on the high towers around the stadium to obtain high illumination and high uniformity lighting effects.② Two symmetrical planar shapesThe isointensity curve of this kind of projection lamp has two symmetrical planes. Most lamps adopt symmetrical cylindrical reflector, and the linear light source is installed along the cylindrical axis.③ A symmetrical plane rowThe isointensity curve of the lamp has only one symmetrical plane. Lamps shall be made of asymmetric cylindrical reflectors or symmetrical cylindrical reflectors plus grids to limit light* Typical is the sharp cut-off block retracted light distribution. This kind of light intensity distribution can obtain a satisfactory illuminance distribution with a single lamp.④ Asymmetric formThe isointensity curve of such lamps has no symmetrical plane. It mainly adopts mixed light lamps with different types of light sources with large differences in light intensity distribution and special lamps designed according to the specific lighting requirements of the place of use.2. Characteristics of LED projection lamp:Most LED projection lamps use high-power LED (each LED element will be equipped with a high-efficiency lens made of PMMA, which is mainly used to distribute the light emitted by LED, that is, secondary optics); A few companies choose 3W or even higher power LED because of good heat dissipation technology. LED projection lamp is suitable for large occasions, buildings and other lighting.
  • Classic LED Flood Light
    Classic LED Flood Light
    Ming Feng Lighting has been producing L family flood light as stadium light and sport light for more than 6 years, The L series floodlights can be adjusted individually by each module, and the Angle of the bracket can also be adjusted freely. There are symmetric and asymmetric luminescence angles.The world class driver brand Meanwell, philips, Invenctronis and Osram can be option for client needs. the chip of Osram and lumileds secure the reliability and performance. the mixed lens technology offers professional solution for all kinds of stadium in terms of uniformity and brightness. audience enjoys quality light under MF lighting with great pleasure.Patented strucutre design helps client win tender in all kinds of project with great advantage. you may talk more with our sales engineer to get more support onto your needs.The light environment of gymnasium is a system, including several quality factors of sports lighting, as well as the lighting design and layout mode. The main light physical factors of stadium lighting are light color, color rendering performance, glare effect and stroboscopic effect. The main technical elements of venue lighting design and light distribution mode include the horizontal illumination value of the venue, the vertical illumination value in the air and the illumination uniformity. MF introduces the light physical elements that should be deeply grasped in the lighting design of the stadium. For the folk badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and other venues lighting design and lighting engineering reference.
  • SupEco LED FLood Light
    SupEco LED FLood Light
    Supeco LED flood light a flood light with DOB technology at great cost from ming feng lighting factory, to be continued.
  • Defense LED Flood Light
    Defense LED Flood Light
    Defense LED flood family is a great product that can use wildly in baskteball, football ect. to be continued.
  • Typical LED Flood Light
    Typical LED Flood Light
    FL series floodlight shell structure is very strong, with super waterproof performance, this product is equipped with high-performance waterproof joint, can provide special lighting requirements such as RGB chip lighting, for outdoor wall, landscape lighting and other lighting projects have very good effect, simple installation, good heat dissipation performance.
  • Cystal LED Flood Light
    Cystal LED Flood Light
    Cystal LED flood light is made of glass lens and Alu. the glass lens is a super material which would never become yellow, and it's has a superb feature of anti-chemical liquild. to be continued.

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