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Indoor LED light

Ming Feng Lighting Co.,LTD produce a comprehensive LED light for indoor application, Just image that, hotels, schools, offices, subway, bus station, airport and so on. Our LED indoor light gives a superb lumen efficency that can save more than 60% electricity bill with the help of our engineer technology. By the way, you get always factory price at great design from our factory. Just talk to us, our coffee is waiting for you all the time.

  • UFO High Bay Light-Zoomable Family
    UFO High Bay Light-Zoomable Family
    There are following reasons you should take from ming feng lighting factory,No.1,Always factory price from our manufacturing without middle man.No.2, savs more than 60% electricity bill comparing with the conventional lamp thanks to the high lumen efficiency of 150lm/w.No.3,4 powers in 1 and 3 beams in 1,one lamp has 12 possibilities to bring down stock presure tremendously.No.4, 4 power in 1 and 3 beams in 1 makes all kinds of projects very flexible,standing a very good marketing position.No.5. Wold class transformer and offers 5 years warranty.No.6. Factory lead time, 1 week for sample testing, 2 weeks for bulk order.Light the world, MF factory is very serious and taking action 7/24.
  • Triproof Light Classic Version Family
    Triproof Light Classic Version Family
    MF LED tri-proof light has a unique design and excellent functions. It is a pefect lamp, which can be used in garages, stations, parking lots, airports, houses, corridors, etc. This model has a matte cover and a transparent cover. It has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, and anti-oxidation. The size is 600mm, 1200mm, 1500mm,even 2400mm respectively, 12W, 24W, 36W, 48W, 54W, 70W. Using the LiFud power supply. The waterproof level reaches IP65&IP66. It has a certain fire protection function. Features:It can be used as a green light source, red and blue light source, etc. Customized items can be provided. There is also built-in emergency light, PIR sensor function, dimming 0-10V, Dali control, Microwave sensor Wire: 0.75MMx3 wire is used. Installation: Bracket by screws
  • LED Trunk Light
    LED Trunk Light
    LED Trunk light is an idea down light for ceiling to iluminate to the wall becase of angle adjustable, it's very flexible solution for object illumination purpose. TBC.
  • LED High Bay Light-Frog Family
    LED High Bay Light-Frog Family
    A round UFO LED High Bay Light is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, stadiums and other large areas. Compared to other LED lights, these two High Bay lamps can be zoomble, ranging from 60° to 90° to 105°. Buying one lamp is equivalent to having the storage of three lamps.
  • LED Panel Light-Frame Version Family
    LED Panel Light-Frame Version Family
    Nowadays, no matter at home, shopping malls, hotels and other places, fluorescent lamps have been replaced by LED panel lamps. Because the LED panel lamp is very practical, in addition to the main advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, the product is light and thin, better illumination and long service life.So what are the advantages and functions of LED panel lights? Ming Feng Lighting Co., Ltd would like to share with all of you about our experence,As a kind of point light, panel lamp can bring more creative visual effect through the flexible design of point, line and surface. This is more prominent in the era of aesthetic pursuit.It is made of uniform light reflecting panel and sealed design, with efficient light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. The luminous effect is uniform and the illumination range is wider. Light and thin appearance, complete heat dissipation function, less power, long life.Taking the LED panel lamp produced by Ming Feng Lighting Co., Ltd. as an example, the LED panel lamp is a green lighting technology with low power consumption, mercury free product and less waste. The lamp body adopts high-quality aluminum frame with high thermal conductivity, and the frame surface is sprayed or anodized. The light guide plate adopts imported Mitsubishi, with high light conductivity and imported diffusion plate, with high light transmittance, soft and uniform light effect, There is no dark area.In the future, LED panel lamp products will be cheaper and have better performance. In the future, when entering the field of general lighting, enterprises will conform to the market and launch better and more competitive
  • LED Panel Light Eco Family
    LED Panel Light Eco Family
    Eco Panel Light is excellent at cost/quality/performance ratio, an ideal light for distribution network. Lighting lamps and lanterns are indispensable in our real life. With the development of science and technology, more and more kinds of lamps appear around us, such as flat panel lamps. These lamps and lanterns are not often heard in our life, but it is certain that they are an indispensable part of the decoration process.Flat panel lampwhere is the flat panel lamp suitable for application? MF would like to share our experience as following,First, flat panel lamp is suitable for some lighting of living room, bedroom and corridor. These places don't need very bright light, and the light they need needs needs to be softer more often, especially for the room with a baby at home. It has many advantages in itself, and it is also very suitable for families. The living room is a place that needs to be beautiful and generous, so choosing flat lamp can save some effort in decoration design for a family. The method of killing two birds with one stone is really rare.The second is the LED panel lamp. The application scope of the panel lamp is in the ceiling, walls and some other counters. The role in the ceiling is mainly similar to the grid lamp. In today's life, in fact, the panel lamp has a trend to replace the grid lamp. Although it is not completely popular, it has been popular in various decoration companies. There is a lamp installed on the wall, which also plays a rare role in the decoration of the wall, making the room more beautiful.Finally, it can be installed on the counter. This kind of lamp is very common and quite popular in large stores.
  • Triproof light Pipe Family
    Triproof light Pipe Family
    Pipe triproof light is another kind of triproof light at a great cost produced by Ming feng Lighting Co.,ltd, this triproof light has a power of 25W, 40W and 60W at size of 2 ft,4 ft and 5 ft. The key feature of this family is as following,No.1,Universal driver enable lamp can work world wide at voltage of 100~277V acNo.2,Lumen efficiency is as high as 130lm/w+, and energy saving rate is more than 60% comparing with the conventional light.No.3,Color temperature of 3000K,4000K,5000K and 6000K is available.No.4, The beam is 120°, an idea angle to illuminate parking lot.No.5, The life-span is 50000 hours, it means it can work more than 14 years at 8 hours per day.No.6,made of PC and Alu., the 6063 Alu. secure the fast heat releasing and make the life-span gurranted.No.7,Easy installation with chain hanging and ceiling mount for electrician.No.8,The lamp can be easily connected to each other in a line.No.9,You always get factory price which enable you stands in a good position in local market.No.10,Three years and five years warranty conditional are provided.You may consult our engineer for more tech features if you need by calling or emailing us.
  • Panel Light Premium Family
    Panel Light Premium Family
    Ming Feng Lighting has been producing and exporting LED panel light for world wild client for more than 10 years, Compared with the traditional grille lamp, MF LED panel light saves energy and has longer service life. About 60% of energy consumption can be saved, and the service life is up to 50000 hours, which is 5 to 10 times of energy-saving lamp. LED will not have mercury and other harmful substances in the process of manufacturing and using, so it is a real green lighting. Will not produce ultraviolet, infrared. The panel lamp has smooth surface, lighter structure, easier care and maintenance, small volume, convenient installation, and no noise. It is suitable for library, office and other occasions.Installation methods are generally divided into embedded, lifting type, integrated embedded and snap spring embedded. The outer frame is available in beige and silver.
  • High Bay Light-DOB Family
    High Bay Light-DOB Family
    The B-shaped round UFO LED High Bay Light is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, stadiums and other large areas. Compared to other LED lights, these two High Bay lamps can be zoomble, ranging from 60° to 90° to 105°. Buying one lamp is equivalent to having the storage of three lamps.
  • Highbay Light-Megaman Family
    Highbay Light-Megaman Family
    Megaman Highbay light is a high power UFO high bay light from power 400W to 1000W, it's a best ideal highbay light for big event in all kinds of fair, shopping mall, gigant warehouse and so on. Ming Feng Factory put extraordinary job onto this design with the aim to service big open area, this lamp can illuminate a hight of more than 30meters, it's a best product for big event, music event, theater , sport stadium and state hall.The narrow beam design gives a very acurate light to the right place, and the heat disspation smart structure makes the heat releasing in an efficent way to secure the life-span of mroe than 50000 hours, it's more than 17 years working days at 8 hours per day. the world brand driver and chip gives the full warranty of the reliability and performance.The ROI would be less than 1.5 years comparing with the old technology, for instance, HPS, HID and CFL. the Megaman is not only a megaman shape design, but it's really a mega environmentor guardians thanks to the great effort of MF R&D team and sophiscated production system.Call us or email us for more information if you need any support for your project, whatever you wanna refresh the old light system or you get a new biulding to illuminate. we are alway happy to support you to light the word TOGETHER!
  • LED High Bay Light NSF Family
    LED High Bay Light NSF Family
    This lamp is designed and produced for food industrial. to be continued.
  • LED Panel Light Troffer Family
    LED Panel Light Troffer Family
    Troffer Light is named as panel troffer light as well, to be continued.

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