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Indoor LED light

Ming Feng Lighting Co.,LTD produce a comprehensive LED light for indoor application, Just image that, hotels, schools, offices, subway, bus station, airport and so on. Our LED indoor light gives a superb lumen efficency that can save more than 60% electricity bill with the help of our engineer technology. By the way, you get always factory price at great design from our factory. Just talk to us, our coffee is waiting for you all the time.

  • UFO High Bay Light-Zoomable Family
    UFO High Bay Light-Zoomable Family
    There are following reasons you should take from ming feng lighting factory,No.1,Always factory price from our manufacturing without middle man.No.2, savs more than 60% electricity bill comparing with the conventional lamp thanks to the high lumen efficiency of 150lm/w.No.3,4 powers in 1 and 3 beams in 1,one lamp has 12 possibilities to bring down stock presure tremendously.No.4, 4 power in 1 and 3 beams in 1 makes all kinds of projects very flexible,standing a very good marketing position.No.5. Wold class transformer and offers 5 years warranty.No.6. Factory lead time, 1 week for sample testing, 2 weeks for bulk order.Light the world, MF factory is very serious and taking action 7/24.
  • LED Panel Light Troffer Family
    LED Panel Light Troffer Family
    Troffer Light is named as panel troffer light as well, to be continued.
  • LED Panel Light-Frame Version Family
    LED Panel Light-Frame Version Family
    Nowadays, no matter at home, shopping malls, hotels and other places, fluorescent lamps have been replaced by LED panel lamps. Because the LED panel lamp is very practical, in addition to the main advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, the product is light and thin, better illumination and long service life.So what are the advantages and functions of LED panel lights? Ming Feng Lighting Co., Ltd would like to share with all of you about our experence,As a kind of point light, panel lamp can bring more creative visual effect through the flexible design of point, line and surface. This is more prominent in the era of aesthetic pursuit.It is made of uniform light reflecting panel and sealed design, with efficient light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. The luminous effect is uniform and the illumination range is wider. Light and thin appearance, complete heat dissipation function, less power, long life.Taking the LED panel lamp produced by Ming Feng Lighting Co., Ltd. as an example, the LED panel lamp is a green lighting technology with low power consumption, mercury free product and less waste. The lamp body adopts high-quality aluminum frame with high thermal conductivity, and the frame surface is sprayed or anodized. The light guide plate adopts imported Mitsubishi, with high light conductivity and imported diffusion plate, with high light transmittance, soft and uniform light effect, There is no dark area.In the future, LED panel lamp products will be cheaper and have better performance. In the future, when entering the field of general lighting, enterprises will conform to the market and launch better and more competitive
  • Quality recessed down light led Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Quality recessed down light led Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    In general, downlights are used for basic lighting, while spotlights are used for key lighting. For ordinary residential buildings with low story heights, it is recommended to use downlights as the main method, and the light of the downlights is relatively soft. Then, use spotlights to embellish and highlight some artworks, such as wall paintings, decorations, etc.Using spotlights to assist downlights increases the overall atmosphere of the space. The spotlights highlight the artworks inside the room, while the downlights serve as the basic lighting for the interior, complementing each other.This not only meets the basic lighting needs, but also has a sense of hierarchical space. When designing lighting, we can also use light strips and linear lights to assist in the lighting of the entire space, which can enhance the design to a higher level.In the use of downlights and spotlights, we need to learn and pay attention to adjusting the direction of the light output of the luminaire to control the shading angle, so that the luminaire can switch from direct lighting to indirect lighting, making the lighting more comfortable and healthy.Adjust the angle of the inner ring of the concealed spotlight slightly, and if the direction of light output changes, people will appear within the shading angle. Switch lighting fixtures from direct lighting to indirect lighting
  • Customized LED high bay light manufacturers From China | Ming Feng
    Customized LED high bay light manufacturers From China | Ming Feng
    Lightweight, impact resistant fixture is designed for easy and safe installa􀆟on.High Eficiency up to 150lm/W; 170lm/W;190lm/WMultiple lighting distributions: 60°/90°/120°3000K, 4000K,5000K,5700K color temperatureIngress Protection Rating: IP66Offered in 100, 150, 200 and 240WKey Features:Emergency Time & PowerOptions 1 - 10W for 3hrsOptions 2 - 20W for 1.5hrs1. Aluminum Reflector 5. 60/90/110 degree lens2. 1-10V /DALI Dimming 6. Adjustable moun􀆟ng bracket3. Microwave Sensor 7. Safety Steel Rope4. Emergency Kits 8. CCT & Power Adjustable
  • LED Down Light Grill Version
    LED Down Light Grill Version
    Grill DOwn light is a angle adjustable down light that can be wildly use in shopping mall, at home and so on. TBC.
  • LED Down Light Glarefree Family
    LED Down Light Glarefree Family
    Lowglare family is a high taste family in MF down light portfolio, TBC.
  • LED Down Light Frogeye Family
    LED Down Light Frogeye Family
    Frogeye down light is sweet item which gives lovely light with low glare as well. it's an excellent item for contractor due to high class taste quality light. TBC.
  • Quality Shadowless Operating Lamp Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Quality Shadowless Operating Lamp Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Surgical shadowless lamps are used to illuminate the surgical site, in order to best observe small, low contrast objects at different depths within the incision and body cavity. Due to the possibility of interference shadows on the surgical site caused by the surgeon's head, hands, and instruments, the surgical shadowless lamp should be designed to eliminate shadows as much as possible and minimize color distortion. In addition, the shadowless lamp must be able to work continuously for a long time without emitting excessive heat, as overheating can cause discomfort to the surgeon and dry the tissue in the surgical area.
  • Customized Best OEM&triproof light supplier FactoryPrice-Ming Feng manufacturers From China
    Customized Best OEM&triproof light supplier FactoryPrice-Ming Feng manufacturers From China
    Ming Feng Customized Best OEM&triproof light supplier FactoryPrice-Ming Feng manufacturers From China,MF professional shipping team offers air/sea/train shipping, and arrange all kinds of custom documents. Client has no worries onto importing at all.The classic triproof light can be in green, red and blue light color, and any other color can provide customized project. Meanwhile, emergency kit with 2H,3H for this family is available as well, PIR sensor function, dimming 0-10V, Dali control, microwave sensor is as option for client needs.The classic triproof light has a lumen output of 130lm/w and 150lm/w, typical CCT is 3000K and 5000K, the ceiling mount and pendent mount makes client installation very conveniently thanks to talent engineer design.the lamp offers 3 years warranty with EM kit, and 5 years warranty conditionally. IP65 make this lamp using freely outdoor and semi-outdoor, IK08 gives a robust design feeling and reliability in harsh working conditions. for more, please contact with MF sales engineer freely any time.
  • LED Trunk Light
    LED Trunk Light
    LED Trunk light is an idea down light for ceiling to iluminate to the wall becase of angle adjustable, it's very flexible solution for object illumination purpose. TBC.
  • Quality Linear LED highbay light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Quality Linear LED highbay light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    highbay Light, also known as high ceiling lights, are high-efficient indoor LED lighting fixtures that can be widely used in industrial factories, production workshops, supermarkets, sports and entertainment venues, and warehouses. Industrial and mining lamps are an important component of modern industrial lighting. Traditional industrial and mining lamps often use 250W, 400W, 500W, and 1000W metal halide lamps, which emit 360 degree light. The disadvantage of large light loss leads to huge energy waste. Therefore, the development of new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long lifespan, high color rendering index, and environmentally friendly LED highbay Light is of great significance for national industrial lighting energy conservation. Industrial and mining lighting is closely related to industrial production. LED highbay Light have gradually come into people's sight with advantages such as directional lighting, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response speed, high seismic resistance, long service life, and green environmental protection. LED light source lamps have become the world's most advantageous new generation of energy-saving light sources to replace traditional light sources. Therefore, LED mining lights will become the best choice for energy-saving renovation in the lighting field of traditional large industrial factories, and it is also the trend of the times.

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