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Ming Feng Lighting has been R&D plus producing LED track light for almost 10 years, our LED track light family are market oriented, designed together with our client needs.

Originally used in galleries, museums and commercial places, track lights have become a common lighting choice for many homeowners. Whether you want to create a modern aesthetic feeling for your home, or turn a certain area into a bright corner, the track lamp can play its function appropriately. If you are also considering using the rail lights to build a flexible and personalized home, Ming Feng lighting engineers share the following knowledge with you.

The combination of "track" and "lamp" enables the lamp source to be configured along the linear track, and can be moved and oriented according to the demand, and the angle of illumination can be adjusted at any time. It is very convenient to increase, decrease or replace; Moreover, in addition to the ceiling, even walls and floors can be installed; In addition, the track lamp can also be independent in small sections, which can be controlled by power supply respectively. It can also be further connected with ceiling fan or matched with ceiling lamp through the track, which can create the most flexible and diversified light atmosphere environment for the space.

From the dark corridor, office, to the comfortable living room, bedroom, dining room and other home field, in principle, it is suitable for the use of rail lights. However, there is one big difference between it and other lamps: it can be installed in any area you want to partially highlight, for example, to highlight your treasured works of art, photos or some display cabinets. When the track lamp is used for key lighting, generally speaking, the number of lamps should not be planned too much, and the projection angle of 30-45 degrees is more comfortable, which helps to reduce the reflection glare; In addition, you can also choose the lamps with anti glare honeycomb net design!

"The track light is for atmosphere! It's only suitable for those mini houses with small space, but it's not suitable for ordinary houses at all. " Do you have the same feeling with Baibian's friends? In fact, if you want to use the track lamp to achieve the effect of general lighting and create a bright even light environment, it's no problem! The method is that the number of lamps and lanterns should be more and evenly arranged, for example, part of them are used to project the wall, part of them are used to project the floor and furniture, and the lamps and lanterns with larger lighting diffusion angle should be selected. In addition, the space can also be appropriately equipped with chandeliers, wall lamps, standing lamps and other auxiliary, so that the light can be evenly distributed from top to bottom.

In terms of orbit types, there are simple linear orbits, which are also commonly used; But if you have special decorative needs, you can also adjust the guide rail to bending, arc and other shapes. According to the light source, there are many choices for track lamps, such as incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, gas discharge lamp and LED lamp. Experts in lighting field suggest that track lamps should be used together with LED lamps, because LED bulbs have various sizes, lumens and color temperatures. Especially when the track lamp is used to light the artwork, its low heat output can avoid the damage to the artwork.

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