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Hotel light project in Poland

With the gradual maturity of LED lighting technology, the application of LED lighting in various lighting fields is increasing. As an important part of commercial lighting, many led enterprises hope to achieve a breakthrough in the field of hotel lighting. For high-end hotels, lighting plays an important role in the layout of the store. Ming Feng Lighting, a well-known led enterprise, put forward solutions in the field of hotel lighting earlier and made brilliant achievements.

The high cost of lighting and dilution of operating profit have become the most troublesome problems of high-end hotels. According to statistics, the average lighting energy consumption of high-end hotel buildings is 202kwh / m2, which is worthy of the name. In order to control operating costs and maximize profits, efforts must be made to save energy and reduce consumption. The energy saving effect of Ming Feng Lighting is obvious after the lighting transformation for Longhua shop of Vienna Hotel in Poland. In terms of power consumption alone, 60% of the annual electricity bill can be saved after the transformation. Ming Feng lighting products are of high-end quality, high luminous efficiency and long service life, which also save a lot of lamp replacement and maintenance costs for the hotel. No matter from the cost performance of the products or the long-term economic benefits, the hotel thinks it is worth it.

For the lighting requirements of high-end hotels, in addition to the necessary functional lighting, they should also match with the hotel's geographical location, architectural characteristics, historical culture and grade positioning, so as to create an atmosphere and set off the atmosphere. Therefore, in the use of lighting, we should fully consider the functions and requirements of all parts inside and outside the hotel.

All the LED lamps used in the lighting upgrading of Poland Grand Hotel in 2010 were provided by Ming Feng Lighting. As a world-famous Hotel, it undertakes the task of receiving important personnel at home and abroad, and represents the national image to a certain extent. Therefore, high requirements are put forward for the design of lighting and the quality of lamps. For example, the lighting requirements of the lobby reflect the atmosphere and elegance of the hotel; In terms of lighting efficiency, the lighting in the store should not be dazzling or have dark corners; The color should reflect the aesthetic taste in harmony with the status of the hotel, and the overall effect should also give customers a comfortable and safe experience. In the Chinese restaurant area, the overall lighting atmosphere is formal and friendly. The brightness should be high and the illumination should be uniform. Customers will not feel uncomfortable because of the uneven illumination. High color rendering light source is adopted above the dining table to make the color of dishes more beautiful and cause customers' appetite. In this transformation, every lamp of Ming Feng Lighting has passed nearly rigorous test. In addition to providing satisfactory products and services for the owners, we have also accumulated valuable experience in hotel lighting.

Ming Feng Lighting has provided led lighting solutions for some high-end hotels in Warsaw and other major cities, and has been widely praised by the owners. Good economic and social benefits have been achieved.

With the rapid expansion of LED hotel lighting market, the market competition also tends to be white hot. In order to improve the competitiveness of its products and seize the market share, Ming Feng Lighting is bound to work hard to reduce the cost and improve the quality, and use its own experience and strong strength to provide lighting solutions for the owners of star hotels and promote the large-scale promotion of LED hotel lighting.

  • Poland Hotel Light Project
    Poland Hotel Light Project
    Our down light is made of Alu.+PC, the refector gives a light reflection rate 0.93+ at very low UGR <19, the impressive feature makes Poland work with our factory in a week. TBC.

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