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Ming feng lighting factory produce all kinds of LED deck light, LED desk light gives another name of LED underground light. MF has been exporting this family since 8 years ago, client from EU are very happy with MF quality and performance.we'd like to share more with our lovely clients.

The underground lamp is widely used in the field of science and technology lighting in China. It is named as the underground lamp because it is buried on the ground for lighting. The voltage: 12V-220V, power: 1-36w, protection grade: ip6.5, control mode: internal control, external control, DMX512 control; There are two kinds of light sources: ordinary light source and LED light source. The high-power LED light source and low-power LED light source are generally monochromatic. The lamp body is generally round, square, rectangular, arc-shaped. The LED light source has seven colors, and the colors are more colorful. Underground lamps are widely used in square, restaurant, private villa, garden, conference room, exhibition hall, community landscaping, stage bar, shopping mall, parking sculpture, tourist attractions and other places.

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