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Ming feng Lighting factory has been producing LED frame light and LED panel light for more than 8 years.

Nowadays, no matter at home, shopping malls, hotels and other places, fluorescent lamps have been replaced by LED panel lamps. Because the LED panel lamp is very practical, in addition to the main advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, the product is light and thin, better illumination and long service life.

So what are the advantages and functions of LED panel lights? Today, Shenzhen jiedewei intelligent optoelectronics Co., Ltd. will popularize it with you

As a kind of point light, panel lamp can bring more creative visual effect through the flexible design of point, line and surface. This is more prominent in the era of aesthetic pursuit.

It is made of uniform light reflecting panel and sealed design, with efficient light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. The luminous effect is uniform and the illumination range is wider. Light and thin appearance, complete heat dissipation function, less power, long life.

Taking the LED panel lamp produced by Ming Feng Lighting as an example, the LED panel lamp is a green lighting technology with low power consumption, mercury free product and less waste. The lamp body adopts high-quality aluminum frame with high thermal conductivity, and the frame surface is sprayed or anodized. The light guide plate adopts imported Mitsubishi, with high light conductivity and imported diffusion plate, with high light transmittance, soft and uniform light effect, There is no dark area.

In the future, LED panel lamp products will be cheaper and have better performance. In the future, when entering the field of general lighting, enterprises will conform to the market and launch better and more competitive products.

  • Best Quality LED Frame Light Factory
    Best Quality LED Frame Light Factory
    Ming Feng Best Quality LED Frame Light Factory,Fast delivery-1 week for sample, 2 weeks for bulk order, and 3 weeks for tailer made item, MF talent engineer would like to share more information about the LED frame light, LED Frame Light is designed with unique optical design principle. In addition, this kind of lamp is designed to meet the needs of our work and life. It also has many unique advantages when it emits light. In this way, it can achieve better lighting function, Now let's take a look at the introduction of the lighting it has.First, uniform plane light-emitting mode. For LED frame lamp, its lighting mode adopts uniform plane side light-emitting mode, which will make the lighting of the whole indoor space more uniform. In addition, it will also make the light more soft and not hurt the eyes.Second, to alleviate the fatigue of the eyes, the light emitted by LED panel lamp can not only provide us with a very comfortable lighting environment, but also play a very good role in alleviating the fatigue of the eyes, which can better protect our eyes. From the above we can also see that for this led panel lamp, the light it emits is very suitable for our use.

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