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Ming Feng Lighting produce LED tri-proof light at very good cost in a reliable quality/performance ratio. Client from Germany and Austria has been importing from MF factory for more than 5 years, MF team would do more to support our client world wild.

A few tech-know-how as following for our lovely friends,

tri-proofs refer to: waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosion.

Tri-proof lamps are generally used in places with strong corrosive, dusty and rainy industrial lighting demand, such as power plants, steel, petrochemical, ships, venues, parking lots, basements, etc.

1. Energy saving of LED three proof lamps: the selected gas discharge light source has high luminous efficiency and long service life, and the service life can reach about 30000 hours; The power factor is greater than 0.9, and the luminous efficiency is high and the transmittance is good.

2. Shockproof function: the multi-channel shockproof structure design ensures that the LED three proof bracket lamp can work safely for a long time in high frequency and multi frequency vibration environment.

3. Suitable environment for use: it adopts high-strength alloy shell with special surface spraying and sealing treatment, and can be used in harsh environment such as high temperature, humidity and various corrosivity for a long time.

4. Installation mode: seat type, ceiling type, ceiling type and other installation methods, suitable for different work site lighting needs. It can cut off the power supply automatically after opening the cover, which increases the safety, stability and reliability of use and maintenance.

  • Quality LED triproof light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Quality LED triproof light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    1.Elegant appearance and patent design , obtained pratical patents certificate.2. To adapt in different enviroment, we providing two models for potion, one is Plastic, another is PMMA+Aluminum.3. ①The Plastic model comply with IP69K, IK10, IP66 ②PMMA+ALU mode is IK08, IP66.4.Using diamond-shaped optical design, so the overall light is uniform and no dark areas.5.Rotating end cover + terminal design, easy to wiring, convenient and time-saving.6.The installation clip is reversed hook design. Product can easily directly lock into the clip (without any screws).Fast easy installation to save cost and time.7.Multi-functions : built-in microwave sensor, 1-10V/DALI dimmable,Emergency battery,CCT adjustbale and other function is available.8.Suspended installation,Empended installation, Surface Celling installation for options,Linkable and Non-Linkable can be provided.9.Plastic models can be used in other harsh environments such as food plants, aluminum+PMMA models can be used infarms and other occasions containing ammonia.
  • Customized LED triproof light fixture manufacturers From China | Ming Feng
    Customized LED triproof light fixture manufacturers From China | Ming Feng
    1. The appearance is simple and generous, light, small size, largeluminous surface.。2. It is made of import fireproof PC material, which is more safe and reliable3. High thermal conductivity aluminum pcb, small size, high power。4. The standard configuration is 2*.05 square wires, which can be usedsafely without worrying about the problem of excessive current5. It can be installed on the ceiling and is suitable for different environments6. Pass the EMC driver ,Waterproof IP66Temperature Characteristics T-ambient 25℃TemperatureOperating -20~+40 ℃Storage -40~+85 ℃Electrical CharacteristicsInput Voltage: AC100~277V 50/60HzPF:≥0.9 Color Temperature 3000K-6500KPower Efficiency:≥0.9
  • Quality LED triproof light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Quality LED triproof light Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    1. CCT+3 power switchable , One lamp can instead of 9 items , save alot of stock funds .2. Elegant appearance and patent design,Imported fire-proof PC material, safer andmore reliable.3. Imported fire-resistant PC material, safer and more reliable.4. Barb-type mounting clip, both anti-drop and easy to install.5. A variety of installation methods: lamps can be linkable or not, ceiling installation,hoisting, wire rope hanging, etc.6. Pass EMC power supply, meet the certification requirements.7. IP69K, IK08, IP66 .
  • Triproof light Pipe Family
    Triproof light Pipe Family
    Pipe triproof light is another kind of triproof light at a great cost produced by Ming feng Lighting Co.,ltd, this triproof light has a power of 25W, 40W and 60W at size of 2 ft,4 ft and 5 ft. The key feature of this family is as following,No.1,Universal driver enable lamp can work world wide at voltage of 100~277V acNo.2,Lumen efficiency is as high as 130lm/w+, and energy saving rate is more than 60% comparing with the conventional light.No.3,Color temperature of 3000K,4000K,5000K and 6000K is available.No.4, The beam is 120°, an idea angle to illuminate parking lot.No.5, The life-span is 50000 hours, it means it can work more than 14 years at 8 hours per day.No.6,made of PC and Alu., the 6063 Alu. secure the fast heat releasing and make the life-span gurranted.No.7,Easy installation with chain hanging and ceiling mount for electrician.No.8,The lamp can be easily connected to each other in a line.No.9,You always get factory price which enable you stands in a good position in local market.No.10,Three years and five years warranty conditional are provided.You may consult our engineer for more tech features if you need by calling or emailing us.
  • Triproof light Food Industrial Family
    Triproof light Food Industrial Family
    This family is designed for food industrial, slaughter production line becaue of special design in terms of function and material,No.1, It's certified by IP69K, it can be washed by hot water or gas from 360 °, it's a special light for slaughter production line.No.2, High lumen reaches at 130lm/w, savings more than 60% comparing with the conventional light.No.3,the life span is more than 50 000 hours, 14 years at 8 hours per day.No.4,It can be dim at 1~10V or DALI if needed.No.5, Stainless steel clip and plastic clamp are available.No.6,Input of DC24 is available for 12W and 24W. the power range is from 12W to 80W at Dia. of 48mm, 70mm and 100mmNo.7, Emergency pack can be equiped if needed.No.8, It's ammonia assistance and corrosion ressistance, it's ideal for all kinds of farm.No.9,Application for car washing yard,parking lot,meat processing, farm,food processing yard,low tmperature storage room,department store and so on.No.10,Three installation as options, Chain hang, wall ceiling mount, and bracket.No.11,Lead time 3 weeks, sample order is 1 week as lead time from factory production.No.12,Universal certificate are certified, CB, CE, SAA, RCM and LM-79.
  • Triproof Light Classic Version Family
    Triproof Light Classic Version Family
    MF LED tri-proof light has a unique design and excellent functions. It is a pefect lamp, which can be used in garages, stations, parking lots, airports, houses, corridors, etc. This model has a matte cover and a transparent cover. It has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, and anti-oxidation. The size is 600mm, 1200mm, 1500mm,even 2400mm respectively, 12W, 24W, 36W, 48W, 54W, 70W. Using the LiFud power supply. The waterproof level reaches IP65&IP66. It has a certain fire protection function. Features:It can be used as a green light source, red and blue light source, etc. Customized items can be provided. There is also built-in emergency light, PIR sensor function, dimming 0-10V, Dali control, Microwave sensor Wire: 0.75MMx3 wire is used. Installation: Bracket by screws
  • Triproof Light Folk Family
    Triproof Light Folk Family
    MF Lighting produced Classic Triproof light is a classic design that similar to the CFL conventional lamp. Ming feng lighting names this triproof light as folk family, becaue folk family triproof light can be wlid used in a lot of applications for folk service purpose, this lamp can be installed in parking lot, basement, warhouse, plant,production line and son on. The key feature is as following,• Fashion design, Non-corrosive (PC)polycarbonate housing• High light transmittance PC LENs• 120° wide beam angle• High efficiency, constant current LEDdriver, low power consumption.• Water proof, dust proof, corrosionproof that can be used in a widevariety of industrial and• commercial environments.This item is very good at cost/quality/performance ratio, it's an idea lamp for distributor and whole sales to distritue local market via local market, it's a great product for end user to enjoy light at very economic cost. thanks to Ming feng lighting talented engineer team effort.
  • Triproof Light Square Version Family
    Triproof Light Square Version Family
    No.1, energy saving rate of more than 60% comparing with the CFL or R7S at lumen efficiency of 130lm/w.No.2, universal balast makes this lamp can be used world wide conveniently.No.3, the end cap click button design makes wiring job conformtablely.No.4, An option of 1~10V dim and DAli is available.No.5, Hanging mount with chain or fixing onto ceiling is always welcome by electrician.No.6, Lead time of 1 week for sample testing order, and 2 weeks for bulk order.No.7, OEM and ODM is warmly welcome to talkNo.8, three years/five years waranty.No.9, Factory price from our production system as always.
  • Triproof light Stainless Steel Family
    Triproof light Stainless Steel Family
    Ming Feng Lighting Produce a superb triproof light which is made of stainless steel sheel and glass cover, this special material and design is frozen room,steel plant and all kinds of warehouse. This triproof LED light can work at temperature of -40°C to +50°, it's an ideal lamp for harsh working conditions. Ming feng lighting secures a life-span of 50000 hours with the help of world class chip and driver, the triproof light pay all necessary attentions to the detail onto the lamp, stainless steel PG connector, rubber cable,tool free hanging installation system and so on. this family is not only brings an illumination purpose, but also, a great importance onto the safty consideration.This triproof light has a power range of 25W to 65W, and sizing is from 3 ft, 4 ft to 5 ft for client options, ming feng lighting factory provides customized service according to client needs by configurating all possible chip and driver to reach target budget and performance in terms of lumen efficiency, power and corlor rendering index.

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