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School light Project in Austria

At present, education is no longer limited to quality, but also pay attention to the educational environment. As a new focus, school lighting is not only related to children's visual health, but also related to the future development.

With the development of the Internet age and the rise of intelligent technology, schools put forward higher requirements for school lighting. In the expansion and construction of the new campus, the school began to pay more attention to the energy saving and scientific management of lighting, and intelligent lighting highlights its incomparable advantages.

Smart campus has become one of the mainstream directions in the development of educational equipment industry. Austrian customers and Ming Feng Lighting also provide "unlimited possibilities" for smart campus in the development of school lighting. A number of intelligent lighting scene experience spaces were set up at the exhibition site, which not only attracted the attention of many industry experts and purchasers, but also the leaders of Austrian Local Education Bureau and Austrian Local Education Equipment Association came to consult the relevant situation of intelligent classroom.

Austrian customers and Ming Feng Lighting specially designed led eye protection classroom lamps for campus to meet the needs of class and writing, combined with Bluetooth network, control panel, illumination sensor, etc., to generate a complete set of high-quality intelligent school lighting solutions.

In the Austrian customer and Ming Feng lighting intelligent lighting classroom, the lighting can achieve "the sky changes light", flexible adjustment, very user-friendly. The light sensor is set in the room. When the incident light from outside becomes stronger, the brightness of the classroom lamp will be reduced automatically. While fully considering energy saving, the illumination of the desk will be more than 300lx as required by the national standard. In rainy weather, it can monitor the illuminance of students' desktop. If it is lower than 300lx, it will control the classroom lamps to turn on slowly, and adjust the brightness of classroom lamps to make the illuminance of students' desktop return to above 300lx.

This is the constant illumination lighting system. It not only takes care of the light needs of every student all the time, but also saves about 4.5w/m2 on average compared with the existing conventional lighting scheme, which plays a great positive role in reducing the operating cost of the school.

In addition, combined with the daily use of the classroom, various scene modes can be preset on demand (such as class, after class, projection, self-study, lunch break, etc.), and the lamps and curtains can be controlled by one button switching to adjust the classroom light environment to the best state. While ensuring the necessary lighting, it effectively reduces the working time of lamps, saves unnecessary energy expenditure, and extends the service life of lamps. This kind of multi scene intelligent control can also be competent for kindergarten, art room, psychological counseling room and other high demand space.

At present, Austrian customers have fully cooperated with Ming Feng Lighting to achieve the coverage of all campus environmental lighting products, from ordinary classrooms to all kinds of functional classrooms, from offices to dormitory buildings, from school roads to libraries to gymnasiums, etc., and have perfectly realized the breakthrough and upgrading from "full eye care" to "full eye care school intelligent lighting".

  • Austria School Light Project
    Austria School Light Project
    Ausria School Light project happend in year 2016, client needs to replace all conventional light to save engergy from electricty.What problems should we pay attention to in classroom lighting?Desktop illuminationThe intuition of the human eye to the difference of the brightness of the external environment depends on the brightness of the external phenomenon. However, the right level of brightness is right and messy, because it involves different reflection characteristics of various objects. So in practice, lighting level is the primary measure of lighting《 According to the hygienic standard for daylighting and lighting in primary and secondary school classrooms, the illumination value on the desk should not be less than 300lx( LX is the illuminance unit, which refers to the luminous flux received per unit area)Illumination uniformity

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