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You get a general picture of MF team lives, cultures and all kinds of events in the market. our factory is not only to produce a light for our lovely community, but also, we fullfill our social resposibility to secure our colleague career path. our factory contribute our passion, energy and time to the society to make this world more beautiful, especially at night when we are back home.

  • Italy client visit MF
    Italy client visit MF
    MF lighting warmly welcome client from Italy visit our factory in November, it's our pleasure to introuce our factory. It is understood that the visiting customers are from Italy. Italy is a powerful European Olympic country, the most popular sports are baseball, track and field, boxing, basketball, volleyball, especially baseball, loved by the masses. In the past two years, Ming Feng Lighting has successfully applied 1000W ultra high power series high pole lamps to the baseball fields in Milan, Italy and nearby cities, also, a gigant lamp of 3000W was exported to client for fishing boat near the sea side for testing, this is a solid step cooperation in terms of fishing industrial, not only that, but alos, ming feng lighting together with our respected Italy friends have been making outstanding contributions to improving the hardware facilities of local stadiums and the level of athletes. Accompanied by Claire, executive deputy general manager of Ming Feng Lighting, the delegation successively visited the exhibition hall, CNAs and production line of Ming Feng Lighting products, and made a physical visiting on the domestic Baihua basketball court lighting project recently completed by Ming Feng. During the visit, when the delegation learned that Ming Feng Lighting has successfully applied large space lighting products to the transformation of local government auditoriums and many venues of the Training Bureau of the General Administration of sports, they highly admired and appreciated the fruitful innovative achievements of Ming Feng Lighting in the field of semiconductor lighting. Subsequently, the two sides held exchange talks. The delegation said that through the physical investigation and visit to Ming Feng Lighting, it further enhanced the understanding of Ming Feng Lighting and promoted the cooperation intention. Italy hopes to carry out broader and in-depth cooperation with Ming Feng Lighting, so that more stadiums in Italy can use efficient and energy-saving lighting lamps, and make more contributions to Italy's sports. Claire said that while exploring the international market, Ming Feng Lighting has always attached great importance to the development of the Italian market. Through this visit and exchange, we have enhanced our friendship and brought new opportunities for the long-term strategic cooperation between Ming Feng Lighting and Italy.
    October 01, 2020
  • MF Team Training Program
    MF Team Training Program
    MF team hold a training program in August succefully, all people involved had upgrade the skill of sales and strength the team work concept, this is very essential for a flexible team. Ming Feng lighting project marketing team is one of the marketing teams established and cultivated by the company. In order to build a centripetal force marketing team that dares to fight and win, the marketing management department of the group, together with the human resources department, organized the Huizhou station of "marketing" in the world - special training of sales sequence in 2019. On August 3, 2019, the carefully prepared special training on sales sequence was successfully held in Huizhou project sales department. Under the leadership of Xu Xiang, head of group marketing management department 1, and Wu Wenzhu, training manager, the training was conducted in the form of course sharing and outward bound training, aiming to cultivate Huizhou sales staff's sense of goal, clarify their career development channels, convey the group's cultural concept, and enhance the cohesion and teamwork ability of Huizhou marketing team.At 10:00 a.m. on August 3, all participants gathered in Huizhou Project Office on time to officially start the day's training. The training is divided into four stages: "past and present life", "cultural belief", "promotion channel" and "system boundary", with development activities interspersed in the middle. In the "past life and present life" module, manager Wu gives an overall introduction to the company's development, strategic deployment and project achievements, so that the sales members have a clearer understanding of the company's situation; in the "cultural belief" module, manager Wu combines the deeds of Jinghan employees with the company's core values of "righteousness, responsibility, innovation and cooperation" to vividly explain Each participant was deeply moved by Jinghan's cultural concept and public welfare activities; "promotion channel" systematically introduces competency model, promotion channel and qualification of sales staff, which makes sales team members more clear about their career development goal, path and direction; "system boundary" takes the form of guided reading club to organize everyone Read and share all kinds of rules and regulations of the sales department, so that the members of the sales team can be more targeted and efficient in their future work. All kinds of development games are carried out around the theme of "innovation and cooperation". Members fully realize the importance of innovation spirit and cooperation spirit in team work in the process of completing tasks. After the training, general manager Xu expressed his expectation and blessing to Huizhou Sales team based on his own experience. He hoped that they could persist in learning and accumulating in their future work, carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, and create more brilliant achievements for Huizhou Sales team! We also look forward to Huizhou Sales team can go through ups and downs but not decline, hard and stronger, with one heart and one mind, to create good results!
    August 12, 2019
  • Customer visiting
    Customer visiting
    Ming Feng Lighting Co.,ltd has been in LED light industrial for more than 10 years, our LED lights have been exporting to world,such as EU, North American, Asia and South America. we are proud that our product gives quality at night for local people and wish them enjoy the life and work under MF light. MF team dedicate ourselve to the LED light, and make the aim to Light the world together!MF warmly welcome our lovely customers visit our factory any time you may like, MF R&D team are with passion, persistence and technology know-how to develp our LED lights, our engineers takes our LED develpment as baby care onto any single tiny details, the aim to this is that providing high quality LED lights by our vision plus knowleadge ,and at the end of story,enable an quality life and work under MF lights for all users in this planet, MF stuff knows "LIGHTS THE WORLD" is not a joke, but make it happen day by day with hard working.You are warmly welcome to visit our factory any time at your convenience, Our coffee and delicious food are always avaiable for you.
    August 03, 2020
  • Bangladesh viist MF
    Bangladesh viist MF
    Client from Bangladesh with their agent team in Shenzhen visited Ming Feng Lighting factory in March year 2018, it's a productive meetings that meet his project needs by working together very closely.
    October 01, 2020
  • Is it worth getting a solar street light? | Ming Feng? | Ming Feng
    Is it worth getting a solar street light? | Ming Feng? | Ming Feng
    Solar street lights are lighting fixtures that use solar energy to generate electricity and have many advantages, as follows:1. Green and environmentally friendly: Solar street lights use solar energy to generate electricity, without the need for fuel, and will not produce pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions. They are environmentally friendly and help reduce the consumption of limited resources.2. Economic and energy-saving: The energy source used for solar street lights is solar energy, which is free and infinitely available. They can collect solar energy during the day and use it at night, thereby avoiding reliance on traditional power grids. This can save on electricity costs and reduce the demand for traditional electricity.3. Highly reliable: Solar street lights are usually composed of photovoltaic panels, batteries, and LED lights. Their structure is simple, without complex circuits and vulnerable components, making them very reliable. Solar street lights have a long lifespan and low maintenance costs.4. Automatic switch: Solar street lights are usually equipped with a light control switch, which can automatically switch based on the brightness of the light. At night or on cloudy days, the lights will automatically light up; The lights will automatically turn off during the day or when the light is bright enough. This automatic switch function makes solar street lights very convenient and does not require manual operation.5. Increase safety: The brightness of solar street lights can be adjusted as needed and usually have high lighting effects. The use of solar street lights in areas such as roads, sidewalks, and parking lots can provide good lighting effects and increase the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.6. Flexible installation: Solar street lights do not require wiring and can be installed independently and moved at any time. They are suitable for remote areas, areas without electricity supply, or areas where wiring is difficult. The installation and maintenance of solar street lights are relatively simple and can be adjusted according to actual needs.
    December 05, 2023
  • MF Visit EU
    MF Visit EU
    In order to support more client in European countries, and MF engineer team visit EU in May.2019. The trip is very successful.  Report on customer visit in Europe in AprilTime: April 6, 2019 - April 11, 2019Business trip location: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Paris, France, Frankfurt, Germany, a total of 5 daysVisiting customers: bul and unique in Holland, European brand in France, GMX in Germany, 4 in total1、 Major customer visits and major projects1. This business trip is mainly for 3 key sales outlets and 4 customers: 3 old customers and 1 new customer. There are two Dutch customers, one in France and one in Germany.2. Visit customers. It is estimated that there will be about 11 projects or projects in 2019. The main products are LED outdoor products such as Apollo / Artemis and LED indoor products such as 18W tubes, downlights and bulbs. It is estimated that the sales volume of this customer will be about RMB 5.1 million in 2019.1. Visit customersA. This customer is an old customer in the Netherlands. He is a local lighting engineering dealer, mainly engaged in LED lighting engineering projects. His main market is in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The cooperation started in 2010, with sales of about 4.2 million RMB. Now there are mainly gymnasiums for renovation. 60 120 Artemis have been tested. There will be some follow-upB. Dutch customer unique. This customer is an old customer. Since 2010, we have cooperated with each other. We are a local trade wholesaler, which is a partnership between Chinese and local people. From the beginning, we purchased some MF lighting street lamps. However, due to the LED market problems, we mainly focus on wholesale LED indoor products. Now we are preparing to purchase led commercial lighting products to replace traditional commercial lighting products.C. French customer European brand is a new customer, mainly an influential lighting wholesaler in Chinese area. The customer's head office has been engaged in lighting wholesale for 19 years in the Chinese area, mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of lighting products of some billboard engineering companies. Now the local lighting wholesale market has opened a new LED store, mainly selling LED products, such as downlights, LED panel lights, small LED displays and so on.D. GMX Frankfurt, Germany, a trader, mainly to develop some outdoor projects. In 2013, the sales volume was about 1.6 million, mainly focusing on engineering lighting projects in Germany and Czech Republic.2、 LED lighting market in Europe1. Due to the gradual improvement of the overall economic situation, the policies of various countries, such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain and so on, began to start LED lighting. In addition, the Eastern European market also began to be active, such as Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and so on. This year, a large number of self-employed or small companies have entered the LED industry. Major brands such as Cree and thorn also strengthen the layout of the European market.2. Major large and medium-sized cities such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London began to measure LED street lights outside the suburbs. Some countries began to release LED street lamp renovation projects for some new roads, such as sepulus, Hungary, UK, etc.3. Led commercial products began to enter the replacement market. Mainly in the commercial application market, such as office buildings, supermarkets, private properties, industrial parks, etc., mainly involving led commercial lighting products such as lamp tubes, downlights, spotlights, etc. Cob business license has been widely used.3、 Current sales of MF lighting in Europe1. At present, most of the customers are small and medium-sized engineering companies and trading companies, lacking KA customers, resulting in a large number of orders but small, and unsatisfactory sales performance. The key is to find Ka channel customer cooperation.2. The existing customer groups are mainly LED outdoor products, lack of wholesale channel of LED products and distribution channels.3. Accelerate the certification and promotion of cob products, cob products gradually become the mainstream of European market.4. The improvement of ERP energy efficiency standards should be accelerated to supplement the market5. We need to increase the number of local expatriates to join the team, speed up the market, and focus on the development and maintenance of KA customers.4、 The corresponding market development strategy in the future1. It is necessary to improve the performance of the existing outdoor products and improve the market competitiveness of the products. Such as 100lm / W.2. Speed up the promotion of cob products.3. The maintenance and product service support of existing customers need to be improved and accelerated.4. Take the customer project as the market orientation, increase the support of OEM products.5. Accelerate the development of large-scale channel providers or engineering providers, that is, the development of KA customers in Europe.To sum up, at present, the market of LED products will be laid out in 2019, and at the same time, the market will enter the release stage, forming a pattern of product diversification, competitive branding and diversified sales channels, consolidating the advantages of existing products, developing and promoting new mainstream products in the market, consolidating the existing customer groups as the sales basis, and at the same time, we must urgently develop KA customers to open a new market situation Consolidating the existing sales channels and adding new foreigners to speed up market development will be the main marketing strategy for the European market in 2019. The keynote of 2019 is to lay a solid foundation for LED products in the European market and lead the rapid outbreak of new performance.
    October 01, 2020
  • Shipment |MF has been committed to providing customers with high-quality LED lamp products
    Shipment |MF has been committed to providing customers with high-quality LED lamp products
    Ming feng lighting Co.,ltd as a light factory ships cargo to all around the world every day by air, sea, train and international express. MF lighting has a talent shipping team to take care of this logistic service in a very professional way, the shipping agent works with MF lighting has a long term partner ship so that enable our shipping service always very reliable at very good cost.Logistic service is the last step to handle valued cargo to our lovely client hands timely and safely, our shipping team makes it happen !
    August 03, 2020
  • Israel visit MF
    Israel visit MF
    Israel Client visit MF lighting factory for a sweet project, Israel friend together with their agent in China to disscuss a lot future vision for our business for coming three years. Both sides are very exciting to meet both sides.
    October 02, 2020
  • MF Visiting GZ Lighting Fair
    MF Visiting GZ Lighting Fair
    Ming Feng Lighting Co.,Ltd visit Guangzhou Lighting Fair which hold in June anually,but postponed to Oct.10th ~13th due to COVID-19 impact, MF team is very exciting to visit lighting partners over there, and succesfully have appointment with MF clients in the fair.We may see all kinds of LED lights, some thing quite familiar with us, such LED street light,LED flood light, LED stadium light, LED panel light and LED high bay light, in fact, Ming Feng lighting has been producing these LED lights for years, our LED street light, LED flood light, LED stadium light and LED panel light are in a great factory cost/quality/performance ratio.
    October 01, 2020
  • Japan client visit MF
    Japan client visit MF
    It's our pleasure that Japan client visit MF.On the morning of April 6, Ming Feng Lighting welcomed a Japanese customer to visit us. The purpose of this customer's visit is to discuss the introduction of our company's LED lighting products.Since last year, our company has been in touch with this customer. Under the sales concept of "customer is God", the staff of our company's export department have had good communication and discussion with this customer for many times, so that this customer has a detailed understanding of Ming Feng Lighting, and also let us know each other's deep needs. During this visit, the excellent quality, advanced technology and suitable price of our LED products also moved the other side. The customer directly placed an order and signed the order on the spot. And also said that in the future will continue to cooperate, looking forward to a more long-term and better cooperative relationship with our company.In this visit, in addition to discussing the order matters, the customer also discussed the issue that the patent application filed by the Japanese customer's competitor in China may damage the customer's interests. Whether the patent can be authorized will have a great impact on the Japanese customer. Both sides attached great importance to the case. After necessary discussion and full exchange of views between both parties, the agency idea of the case was basically determined. Our company said that we would follow up the review of the case at any time and take necessary measures to protect the interests of customers. Mr. Yamada and Mr. Rigo agreed with our professional opinions. The trust of customers is the greatest support for our work. Ming Feng Lighting is willing to be the guardian and helper of enterprises in the field of intellectual property.
    October 01, 2020
  • MF plays football
    MF plays football
    “play hard, work hard" is one of MF philoshophy culture, MF team had a joyful football game on weekend. MF lighting engineer team made a good start in football, Wen Tang administration showed its magic power "1:0 win!" With the final whistle sounded, MF lighting engineer team football players in light green shirts rushed to embrace each other to celebrate the victory of the first battle.In order to encourage the youth of the group to be enterprising and United, show the enterprise spirit of Wen Tang administration, promote the practice of scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle, promote the communication between enterprises and institutions in the park, and create a harmonious and safe Park, Dongguang Wen Tang On October 1, 2020, the administration group held a grand ceremony of Dong Guanwen Tang administration 2020 staff football match with the theme of "happy Lugu vitality high tech" at Tuowei company football field. Li Xiaohong, director of Wen Tang administration management committee, kicked off the first match, Yang Jinlin, member of the district Party Working Committee and chairman of the Federation of trade unions, and relevant persons in charge of the Municipal Federation of trade unions and the Municipal Youth League Committee attended the opening ceremony. The competition is the second staff football competition organized by Wen Tang administration, including MF lighting engineer team group, Zoomlion, Tuowei information, Wen Tang Administration Management Committee and other 25 teams participated in the competition. The competition was divided into four groups and two competition venues. Each group decided the top two teams for the elimination competition. The winner entered the top four, and the two teams crossed each other. Finally, the champion was decided.MF lighting engineer team won the first match of the match 1-0 by a narrow margin over its opponent yujiahui, and Deng Yanwu won the best player of the match. At present, MF lighting engineer team ranks second in the group with 3 points. I hope that in the future, MF lighting engineer team members can carry forward the enterprise spirit of "unity, enterprising, realistic and innovative" and achieve good results in the competition
    October 01, 2020
  • MF Road Map of 2021
    MF Road Map of 2021
    COVID-19 impact MF lighting business significantly, however, the production system still works fine as soon as the situation goes stable, it's a hard year for MF, and of crouse, not easy for our lovely client. MF focus on only the business happening today, but also, tomorrow. MF top management is drawing a road map for next year, this is very important for the whole system get the right direction as star in dark sky at night.
    October 01, 2020

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