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Horse light project in France

Lyon Racecourse in France is located in the west of Lyon. It is one of the main racecourses in Lyon. Every month, some big family and royal family events will be held. Every year, there will be 1-2 national events. The king of Lyon will personally present the cup.

It is reported that Ming Feng Lighting beautifies and transforms the racetrack from the aspects of plant landscape, track landscape and stables landscape, so as to build the racetrack into a highly professional and high standard racetrack. For example, the light yellow exterior wall is mapped by the line-up wall washing lights, and the overall outline of the racecourse is outlined by floodlights; Combining with the plant landscape, we can create a unique uniform and orderly stadium, and provide the most professional lighting services and support for horse racing.

At the same time, the night lighting design of the racecourse not only considers the full lighting of the racecourse itself, but also considers the effect of the integration of the lighting and the racecourse. Through the lighting layout of the racetrack, the overall exterior wall of the racetrack and the plant landscape lighting in the racetrack, and in cooperation with the buildings in the racetrack, the lighting effect of highlighting the racetrack and taking into account the details can be achieved.

Ming Feng Lighting provides customers with a full range of lighting products and solutions in the French Lyon Racecourse project. From products to design, construction and service, it shows the international influence of Ming Feng Lighting in the field of commercial lighting and sets up the image of Chinese lighting brand in Europe.

  • France Horse Light Project
    France Horse Light Project
    MF Flood light is a perfect item to illuminate horse light, client from France likes our lamp very much, the quality light at night make their horse enjoy the life all day long. The racecourse needs to be equipped with lights suitable for the horse's forward route, because once the lights shake the horse's eyes, it will change the horse's temperament and increase the risk of people on the horse's back, so you need to have special requirements for the lighting angle.Ming Feng Airforce family series LED stadium lamps can replace metal halide lamps with the same power in a ratio of 1:2, saving energy by more than 60%, and reducing the consumption of distribution system and installation auxiliary materials; The service life can reach more than 60000 hours and the warranty is 10 years. Compared with the metal halide lamp light source with an average service life of only 3000 ~ 5000 hours, the maintenance frequency of the lamp is greatly reduced, so as to save the maintenance cost. At the same time, the traditional gold halogen lamp starts for a long time, and it takes 30 minutes to restore the lighting if the venue accidentally loses power and restores power supply. The LED lamps can be turned on and on, completely avoiding the problem of long-time game interruption caused by accidental power failure.Three dimensional rotating bracket design, flexible adjustment, horizontal and vertical adjustment can be realized, with clear scale, light follows the heart.Multiple installation methodsIt is suitable for large sports venues, ski resorts, golf courses, horse racing courses, horse training courses and other places, and perfectly meets the HD broadcasting needs of events at home and abroad.Today, with the gradual rise of the national movement, Racecourse lighting has become an important factor affecting the perfect presentation of all kinds of Racecourse events. As the market pioneer of high-end Racecourse lighting, Ming Feng Lighting will continue to promote the R & D and innovation of LED Racecourse lighting products, strive to create energy-saving and efficient Racecourse lighting, and make continuous efforts for the development of Racecourse lighting industry

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