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LED Stadium light is named as flood light in sport industrial. Ming Feng Lighting produce LED flood light since more 6 years ago, the stadium light are wild used in teniss court, vollyball court, basketball stadium, football stadium, ice hockey rink, swimming pool and so on. The wild beam and narrow beam make the light goes to the right place that audience needs thanks to engineer's technology! and the flexible bracket makes the installation labor cost bring down out of imagine. Don't hesitate to talk with our sales engineer to support you any job you may start.

  • Quality Stadium lights Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Quality Stadium lights Manufacturer | Ming Feng
    Stadium lights  compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.Ming Feng summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of Stadium lights can be customized according to your needs.Horseman family is an innovative item for stadium insutrial at super performance.
  • Stadium Light Superman  Family
    Stadium Light Superman Family
    Spending two minitue by watching this clip, you know why our super man family as stadium light is a professional sport light.No.1. Superman stadium light has narrow beam and wild beam as combination with the help of modular design. it can spread the light evenly onto the target area.No.2. Four types of installation mounting structure has a very flexible solution to fix the lamp in any kinds of sport application, and it would save a lot of electrition cost.No.3.The world class chip and driver gives a very reliable quality and performance, and factory offers 5 years warranty, 10 years(conditionally)No.4. A ROI(return of investment) is less than 1.5 year in football stadium, basketball stadium,sea port, plaza and theater. You get factory price from ming feng lighting co.,ltd, for more datas and videos from our sales engineers.
  • Stadium Light Ironman Family-factory price
    Stadium Light Ironman Family-factory price
    Ironman Stadium light is a superb solid design stadium light for soccer, sea port , plaza,football stadium,ice hockey rink and so on, in another word, any suport stadium is the ideal place to use this lamp thanks to the great performance of 160lm/w, the narrow beam of 10 °gives the accurate light dirction and long distance illumination purpose.Ironman stadium light works in a very royal role for audience for providing professional light to the right place, the asymetric lens and sysmetric lens combination makes any kinds of stadium spreads the light evenly onto the ground and audience seating area.Ming Feng Lighting factory has been exporting this family for years because of reliable quality and performance, it enables client repeat ordering montly from some contractors. Thanks to MF R&D team effort onto stadium light passion and technology, ODM service is always very efficient in a very good economic manner for specified project.The final goal works at the same together with our clients at the end of the story, Lights the world.
  • Stadium Light Airforce Family
    Stadium Light Airforce Family
    Airforce Stadium Light is designed for soccer and basketball stadium, TBC.
  • Professional Stadium Light-Plato Family manufacturers
    Professional Stadium Light-Plato Family manufacturers
    Ming Feng Professional Stadium Light-Plato Family is the best manufacturer for LED sport light, the advantage is that, Fast delivery-1 week for sample, 2 weeks for bulk order, and 3 weeks for tailer made item, we've been in LED stadium light for more than 8 years.Lighting depends on the function of light to ensure that the light acts on the eyes of athletes, referees and spectators and produces vision, so as to see everything on the sports field, such as the brightness and darkness of the field environment, the surface color of objects, buildings, appliances and clothing, the shape and size, depth, three-dimensional feeling of viewing targets, the state of athletes during sports and the atmosphere of the stadium, etc. Therefore, good lighting plays an important role in modern stadiums.Generally, in the lighting design of a stadium, the following three factors should be considered:1. Meet the visual requirements of athletes in sports competition, and minimize the objective impact of lighting on the competition.2. Meet the visual requirements of the audience and minimize the discomfort caused by the lights when watching the game.3. Meet the lighting requirements of color TV broadcasting and improve the broadcasting quality as much as possible.In short, lighting is closely related to the competition requirements of sports and the visual effect of the audience. A stadium without good lighting facilities is an incomplete stadium, which will seriously affect its use function.Stadium lighting design standardIn order to get a good lighting design scheme and make rational use of the light distribution to meet the requirements of athletes, spectators and referees' vision and good TV broadcasting effect, it is necessary to determine the lighting standards, including illuminance standards and lighting quality standards. Lighting quality standards, including glare, color temperature of light source, color rendering requirements, light directivity, energy saving requirements, etc
  • Stadium Light-Sportman Family
    Stadium Light-Sportman Family
    Sportman Family is wildly used in soccer, football stadium, basket ball stadium,tennis ball field as stadium light,Ming Feng Lighting R&D put whatever it takes to make this beautiful baby perfectly meet the stadium needs in term of light distribution,installation, windage and heat management.The client from Japan and Germany are extremely happy with its performance and reliablity. The narrow beam of 12° makes the light project to the sporting aear very precisely, and the asymetric lens spread very uniform light on ground and audenice area at Min. windage. The unique heat sink desing make the heat releasing very quckily from LED chip and driver to outside so that secure the life-span at least of 50000 hours, in another word, 17 years at 8 hours per day.The world class driver(transformer) and top rate LED chip gives our Sportman a warranty of 5 years, and 10 years conditionally. Contractor are alway offering with factory price from MF lighting manufacture which enables our client stand a very good position in local market, and it create the best value for endusers and audience.Being awary of that we are working onto the same goal that, LIGHTS THE WORLD with all partners around the world. talk with our sales engineer to get more support. and clarify any questions you may have by calling us or emailing MF team.
  • Stadium Light-Classic Family
    Stadium Light-Classic Family
    Class Stadium Light is a classic flood light in MF portfolio. This family is wildely used in all kinds of sport area, such as tennis court,ice hockey rink,football court,vollebal court and basketball court. People can see them anywhere about sport actives.The beam technolgy from Ming feng Lighting engineer team can make this family very fexible when do installations, the U bracket can hang on the wall, fixing on the pole, fasterning on ground and so on. the bracket can be customized according to project needs with the help of our engineer experience and technology.The power range is from 80W to 600W, it makes contractor easily manage projects according to client budget. Ming Feng Lighting production system produce light at lead time of 1 week for sample, and 2 weeks for bulk orders.
  • Stadium Light Eagle  Family
    Stadium Light Eagle Family
    Ming Feng Lighting design and produce LED stadium light as a lighting product producer,Eagle Stadium light is made of ALu.+steel+PC lens. It's a superb item in MF stadium light family. The design of eagle family is solid with heavy alu. housing in order to secure the heat releasing in a Max. efficiency, it secure the life-span and save the maintaince cost because of reliable quality and performance.The outshape is quite similar to the conventional HPS and HID lamp but at an energy saving rate more than 60%, and it make the ROI(Retrun of Investment) as low as 1.5 years. The tooling free structure makes the installaion very simple and conventient, therefore, a great electrician labor cost is saved when it needs a elevator to compelte the installation.There are dozens of advantages from our Eagle family in terms of quality, performance and life-span. you can get more information from our sales engineer, just trigger a conversation with our people. they are more than happy to talk with you any time any place, coffee is ready for you.

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