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Ming Feng Lighting has been producing LED Trunk Light for more than 6 years, client from EU and NA import from factory montly.

LED trunk lamp is a kind of lighting lamp embedded in the ceiling, which will not destroy the perfect unity of ceiling art because of the setting of lamps. Its biggest characteristic is to maintain the overall coordination and perfection of architectural decoration.

work environment

The ambient temperature of the elephant trunk lamp is generally between - 30 ℃ and + 50 ℃, and its voltage input is generally ac90-260v (generally, the ceiling lamp uses external power supply), with a service life of 50000 hours.

  • LED Trunk Light
    LED Trunk Light
    LED Trunk light is an idea down light for ceiling to iluminate to the wall becase of angle adjustable, it's very flexible solution for object illumination purpose. TBC.

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