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Ming Feng Lighting has been producing LED Spot light for more than 8 years, with rich experience of R&D from talent engineer, MF LED spot light are very popular among distributors, contractors and wholesales world wide.

Spotlight introduction:

Spotlight is a typical modern school of lighting without main lamp and fixed scale, which can create indoor lighting atmosphere. If a row of small spotlights are combined, the light can change wonderful patterns. Because the small spotlight can freely change the angle, the effect of combined lighting is also changeable. Spotlight light soft, elegant, it can also be local lighting, foil the atmosphere.

Spotlight features:

The spotlight can be placed around the ceiling or on the top of the furniture, or in the wall, skirting or skirting line. The light directly irradiates on the household utensils that need to be emphasized, so as to highlight the subjective aesthetic effect and achieve the artistic effect of highlighting the key points, unique environment, rich levels, rich atmosphere and colorful. The light of spotlight is soft and elegant, which can not only play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also local lighting to set off the atmosphere.


Spotlight classification:


It can be installed in the ceiling, above the head of the bed, in the cabinet, and can also be hung, landed and suspended. It can be divided into two types: full Tibetan and semi Tibetan. Downlight is characterized by local illumination and free scattering from top to bottom. The light source is closed in the lampshade. It has tubular downlight, sleeve downlight, flowerpot downlight, concave groove downlight and downlight wall lamp, which can be installed in the porch, living room and bedroom respectively. For example, a wall lamp with a green porcelain cover is installed near the TV, which is not only visible but also does not affect the TV watching. A sleeve type downlight is set on the top of the sculpture, which can direct people's eyes to the art, and is convenient for taste and appreciation. Choose the downlight, wattage should not be too large, just to illuminate, not glare.

Rail spotlight

Most of them are made of metal spraying or ceramic materials, with pure white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other colors; The shapes are long and round, with different sizes. The light beam projected by the spotlight can be concentrated on a painting, a sculpture, a pot of flowers, a boutique furnishing, etc. it can also shine on the back of the swivel chair of the host of the living room, creating a rich and colorful light and shadow effect with strange charm. Can be used for living room, porch or bedroom, study. Can set one or more, spotlight shape and tone, as far as possible with the overall design of the room harmony. The rail is installed 15 ~ 30cm under the ceiling, or at the corner of the ceiling against the wall.

Cold light spotlight

Cold light spotlight features: cold light, will not produce heat radiation to the illuminated items, to ensure that the goods will not be hurt by heat; Anti dazzle vision, accurate light distribution and projection angle, no light pollution; High light efficiency, energy saving.; Long life, normal use within a year if there is no light, you can replace the new lamp free of charge; No stroboscopic, so that people's eyes will not produce fatigue.

It's a good idea to match different kinds and quantities of spotlights at home to create another interesting style.

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