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MF lighting factory has been exporting LED light to 132 countries, our factory has been acheived a great success over all kinds of light project thanks to client's trust and support. You may enjoy some typical successul case from Europa, Austrialia, Canada,Japan and so on. One of our key strategy is creating market trend, and work hand by hand with our client to develop market needs. In another word, our factory LED light is market oriented.

  • Australia client visit MF factory for triproof light
    Australia client visit MF factory for triproof light
    Ming Feng Best seller MF triproof light Factory Price - Ming Feng,MF professional shipping team offers air/sea/train shipping, and arrange all kinds of custom documents. Client has no worries onto importing at all.MF Lighting have been producing LED tri-proof lights for years, MF-LL series is one kinds of our hot-selling LED lights. The LL-series have got SAA,CB, CE certificates. Every year we will export more than 50 containers  to all around the world.Our Client from Austrialia, client project import containers in terms of  item MF-LL series Led tri-proof lights per year ,and client distributes this item to their partner for sales or used for their tunnel projects.We have a professional engineer team, we can provide professional technology like DIALux simulation. That will help the customers’ projects a lot. The customers are satisfied with our work. 
  • South Africa Stadium Light Project
    South Africa Stadium Light Project
    Ming Feng Lighting factory successfull finished the project in South Africa for the soccer stadium light, client are supersied by see what has changed comparing with the old lamps, it saves electricity bill significantly.According to the person in charge of the upgrading and reconstruction project of the stadium of Johannesburg Sports Center (domestic games), on the evening of June 22, the construction party debugged the lifting system of eight light poles, of which two lights were on for test. After another lifting system debugging in the daytime on June 23, all the eight lights were on at 6:30 pm on June 23. Different from the installation of lighting lamps in the main stadium of Johannesburg Olympic Sports Center on a 40 meter high raceway, the stadium of the sports center is equipped with eight "Big Mac" lifting lamp poles, each 53 meters high (51 meters of pole body, plus 2 meters of lightning rod), weighing 19 tons. The lifting was completed in May this year, and each set of lamps and lamp frame weighs 4 tons, Such a volume of 8 lifting high-definition sports lighting pole design is rare in the country.
  • Austrialia Tunnel Light Project
    Austrialia Tunnel Light Project
    Australia Tunnel light project is super awsome with the help of our tri-proof light, it's a basement garay which as a tunnel long long time ago.As one of the main purposes of LED tunnel lamp, energy saving effect is obvious. Generally, this kind of product will use a variety of chips to produce a high-power product quality, which can be equipped with efficient power supply. When compared with lamps with the same brightness, it can save 75% of energy consumption, In this way, we can know how much energy-saving effect it will have through comparison. Because of its special chip composition, this product has a long service life, and it can guarantee a service life of about 500000 hours, which is one of the reasons why people like it. In addition, the LED tunnel lamp is green and pollution-free, does not contain aluminum and other special chemicals in it, and will not cause physical harm and environmental pollution to users. But there will also be some users who use it for decoration, the effect is good. People will use the special appearance to deal with, and its installation is simple, the scope of use will be more extensive.
  • Italy Street Light Project
    Italy Street Light Project
    Italy street case happend 6 years ago which is in year 2015, client find us via internet through our website, the technical director is very happy to see our data sheet, and our enginer team answer all questions in a very professional manner, techincial director was fully convinced after plenty of communications, and a testing sample from our factory was required, client is totally shocked to see such an amazing lamps, he said the sample is much much better than his imagination before get it on hand. as everybody knows, client orderd 1228 sets at the power of 60W and 120W. TBC.
  • Austria School Light Project
    Austria School Light Project
    Ausria School Light project happend in year 2016, client needs to replace all conventional light to save engergy from electricty.What problems should we pay attention to in classroom lighting?Desktop illuminationThe intuition of the human eye to the difference of the brightness of the external environment depends on the brightness of the external phenomenon. However, the right level of brightness is right and messy, because it involves different reflection characteristics of various objects. So in practice, lighting level is the primary measure of lighting《 According to the hygienic standard for daylighting and lighting in primary and secondary school classrooms, the illumination value on the desk should not be less than 300lx( LX is the illuminance unit, which refers to the luminous flux received per unit area)Illumination uniformity
  • Poland Hotel Light Project
    Poland Hotel Light Project
    Our down light is made of Alu.+PC, the refector gives a light reflection rate 0.93+ at very low UGR <19, the impressive feature makes Poland work with our factory in a week. TBC.
  • Canada Super Market Light Solution
    Canada Super Market Light Solution
    Canada Super market project was completed in year 2016, the project requires a super eye catching light effect in order to attract more client attention when do to be continued.With the popularity of the Internet industry, for supermarket enterprises, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is reported that in the first half of 2016, there were not many supermarket enterprises achieving double growth in revenue and profit. Therefore, it is particularly important to meet the needs of different consumer groups with a differentiated business model, and the quality and experience of supermarkets are also more important.Lighting is one of the main parts of supermarket to improve the quality and increase the sense of experience. Supermarket lighting needs light and shade. Reasonable light and shade matching can improve customers' experience and enhance comfort; Ming Feng Lighting provides lighting solutions for different supermarkets with its own specialty, which can improve the taste of displayed goods, increase purchasing power and improve the overall effect of supermarkets.Supermarket lighting is generally divided into the following three categoriesParallel cloth lamp: it can provide good lighting for goods on the shelf; The lighting utilization rate is high, but the space illumination and uniformity are poor, which is not suitable for the adjustment of pile head.Vertical distribution lamp: it can provide good lighting in the store space, with high uniformity, but the lighting is single, without a sense of hierarchy, and the commodity illumination is insufficientVertical composite lamp: it can provide good lighting in the store space, with high uniformity, strong sense of lighting level, high commodity illumination, but attention should be paid to glare.Customers' attention is more likely to be attracted by areas with good lighting atmosphere. Only in a dark environment can they see bright areas. In the whole lighting design process of boutique life supermarket, the whole lighting is the key. After determining the relationship between light and shade, the control of lighting becomes particularly important. The location and installation of lamps need to consider the convenience of installation and maintenance, replicability and glare control at the same time. For different display methods, lighting lamps should be reasonably matched.
  • Germany Warehouse Light project
    Germany Warehouse Light project
    Zoomable UFO highbay light is an ideal light for warehouse, our client from Germany are very happy to import from ming feng lighting factory, the result impressed client, and they introduce this lovely family to all their suppliers , it's absolutely a multi-happiness result that everybody wants... TBC
  • France Horse Light Project
    France Horse Light Project
    MF Flood light is a perfect item to illuminate horse light, client from France likes our lamp very much, the quality light at night make their horse enjoy the life all day long. The racecourse needs to be equipped with lights suitable for the horse's forward route, because once the lights shake the horse's eyes, it will change the horse's temperament and increase the risk of people on the horse's back, so you need to have special requirements for the lighting angle.Ming Feng Airforce family series LED stadium lamps can replace metal halide lamps with the same power in a ratio of 1:2, saving energy by more than 60%, and reducing the consumption of distribution system and installation auxiliary materials; The service life can reach more than 60000 hours and the warranty is 10 years. Compared with the metal halide lamp light source with an average service life of only 3000 ~ 5000 hours, the maintenance frequency of the lamp is greatly reduced, so as to save the maintenance cost. At the same time, the traditional gold halogen lamp starts for a long time, and it takes 30 minutes to restore the lighting if the venue accidentally loses power and restores power supply. The LED lamps can be turned on and on, completely avoiding the problem of long-time game interruption caused by accidental power failure.Three dimensional rotating bracket design, flexible adjustment, horizontal and vertical adjustment can be realized, with clear scale, light follows the heart.Multiple installation methodsIt is suitable for large sports venues, ski resorts, golf courses, horse racing courses, horse training courses and other places, and perfectly meets the HD broadcasting needs of events at home and abroad.Today, with the gradual rise of the national movement, Racecourse lighting has become an important factor affecting the perfect presentation of all kinds of Racecourse events. As the market pioneer of high-end Racecourse lighting, Ming Feng Lighting will continue to promote the R & D and innovation of LED Racecourse lighting products, strive to create energy-saving and efficient Racecourse lighting, and make continuous efforts for the development of Racecourse lighting industry
  • Brazil Mini Light Distributor
    Brazil Mini Light Distributor
    Client from Brazil has been distributing our mini light since six years ago, the mini light is very popular in local, thanks to client powerful distribution network, end users can enjoy our light accross the whole country in Brazil. TBC.
  • Japan Parking Basement
    Japan Parking Basement
    Japan parking basement uses our triproof light which illuminate 150lm/w, it's an ideal lamp to substitue 2x58W fluoresent grid lamp, it saves more than 60% electrity bill but increasing lux level , it makes driver drives safer when parking under basement.Meanwhile, MF provide smart tube with microwave sensor solution for parking lot as well.Current situation of underground parking lot: the lighting of underground parking lot is poor, and the lighting problem has been perplexing developers and users, mainly in the following aspects:1. The underground garage is a very dark place. If there is no light in time, accidents are easy to happen. Moreover, the flow of people is very small, which often provides favorable conditions for criminals and is a weak area of security management.2. Lighting is expensive. General garage lighting needs 24 hours of work, and the annual electricity charge is considerable.3. The number of garage lights is large, and the workload of replacement and maintenance is large, which is a difficulty in property management.Current situation before transformationThe LED intelligent lighting tube successfully solves the contradiction between constant lighting of underground garage lighting and power saving, and the power saving efficiency is up to about 85%. LED intelligent garage lamp used in garage lighting Transformation:Microwave radar induction LED lamp radar induction uses Doppler principle to transmit high-frequency microwave signal. After program intelligent identification and processing, the signal and power supply together form radar microwave induction garage lamp power supply and automatically induction. The garage lamp can intelligently detect the surrounding electromagnetic environment and automatically adjust the working state.Radar induction LED lampWorking characteristics of microwave radar induction LED lamp:When someone or vehicle moves, the radar sensing garage lamp is 100% fully on, the working power is 18W, and the brightness is twice that of 40W fluorescent lamp. When the pedestrian and vehicle leave, after a delay of 25 ± 5 seconds, the radar induction lamp will automatically switch to the slightly bright state of 20% full brightness, the working power is only 3W, and the overall average working power does not exceed 5W. The brightness when it is slightly bright can fully meet the needs of security, monitoring and lighting. If someone or car has been moving in this area, the induction lamp in this area is always 100% on. The radar sensing garage light sensing area covers 360 degrees below the light, and the sensing distance is 6-8m. That is, the areas with a radius of 6-8 meters with the people and vehicles as the center of the circle are the brightest.Schematic diagram of radar inductionAdvantages of microwave radar induction led radar induction lamp1. Automatically sense moving objects such as people and vehicles, and provide appropriate and timely lighting as required. People and cars come and go all bright, people and cars go to light slightly, automatically sleep, remove invalid lighting, and completely change the all-weather "long light" lighting state in the past 24 hours.2. The application of LED light source in radar induction lamp publicizes the advantages of LED lamp beads: long service life, high luminous efficiency, small volume and easy control. It avoids the disadvantages of ordinary lamps: there is no light failure caused by continuous high temperature, the high efficiency benefit of power saving can quickly recover the high investment, ultra long service life, save a lot of manual maintenance and replacement costs, and automatic induction brings great convenience.

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