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LED Explosion Proof Light

Atex Light names as explosion proof light as well, all the explosion proof light has to be certified by Atex which is a international regulations, eventhough, it would be slightly different in different market in over sea market.

Safty comes firest always for the Atex lamp, Because Atex lamp are installed in the most dangerous places, for example, print plant, powder coating company,chemichal industrial, crudle oil plant, gas station and so on.  Any single ignite could lead a catastrophic disaster. Ming Feng Light factory provide the right product for these industrial from lamp structure design, production procedure and quality control and checking system. our Atex engineer team secure this family works in a good way as guadians for our partners. Contact with us to get more support .

  • Atex Eco Triproof Light
    Atex Eco Triproof Light
    Atex Eco Triproof Light is desgined from refine industrial, it has huge demands over there. Our Atex Eco triproof light is professional item for these applications in terms of cost/performance ratio. TBC.
  • Knight Atex Light
    Knight Atex Light
    Knight Atex light is an talented design in terms of safter and performance for chemical industrial. TBC.
  • Rescuer Atex Light
    Rescuer Atex Light
    Rescuer Atex Light is a superb item for refine industrial. TBC.
  • Atex Highbay Light
    Atex Highbay Light
    Atex Highbay Light is for big open area in Chemical Industrial. TBC.
  • Atex Flood Light
    Atex Flood Light
    Atex Flood light is an ideal item for outside illumination at refine industiral and chemical industrial.
  • Atex Canopy Light
    Atex Canopy Light
    Ming Feng lighting has been producing Atex Canopy Light for Gas station application for more than 6 years, Why are explosion-proof LED lamps used as lighting sources in special industriesAny industry needs lighting, and special industries are more strict in the selection of lighting sources because of their high standards and strict requirements. With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing level, explosion-proof LED lamps have quickly replaced the traditional lighting lamps as soon as they appear. At the same time, they have also become a necessary tool for safety production in special industries.What are the advantages of explosion-proof LED lamps in gas stations?First, the explosion-proof LED lamp is more efficient. The explosion-proof LED lamp has less power consumption and longer service life. It can extend the service life of lamps and save costs. Lamps have high luminous efficiency, good focusing and stronger lighting function; Moreover, the explosion-proof LED lamp uses a cold light source with small glare, which is not easy to cause visual fatigue of relevant staff, and can effectively improve work efficiency and safety.Second, explosion-proof LED lights are safer. Explosion proof LED lamp has low heating, no heat radiation and can be touched by hands. It is more suitable for industries with strict temperature requirements. Moreover, the explosion-proof LED lamp has the advantages of small volume and light weight. It is encapsulated with epoxy resin with higher mechanical strength, can withstand high-strength mechanical impact and vibration, and has the effects of explosion-proof and shockproof.
  • Atex Street Light
    Atex Street Light
    Ming Feng in Weng Tang Aministration, HengLing 2rd,East District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.C. Main products HighQuality Atex Street Light Wholesale-Ming Feng Lighting Co., Ltd.Ming Feng is a luxury that enjoys day and night. Made with long-established technology and the finest materials, it is made in China at our own factory.
  • Atex Eco Highbay Light
    Atex Eco Highbay Light
    Atex Eco Highbay light is excellent item for refine industrial, it is wildly used as indoor light. TBC.
  • Atex Triproof Light
    Atex Triproof Light
    MF lighting factory is invovled in Atex lamp since year 2012, the Atex lamp safty comes to first all the time. TBC.

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