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1. Mingfeng Lighting has a complete LED light fixtures quality inspection system, can be prepared before production, production process, and strict inspection after production. All the lights were tested for 100% lighting and aged for 48 to 72 hours.

2. As a professional LED lighting manufacturer with 16 years LED light fixtures experiences, Mingfeng LED lighting factory specializes in wholesale LED lights, and our normal LED light fixture product to guarantee period for 5 years, some LED light fixture products to guarantee period for 10 years. The delivery time of the sample is within one week, and the delivery time of the confirmed lamp is not more than two weeks.

3. Because we do not involve wholesalers, distributors, traders, and other third parties, as a result, Mingfeng LED lighting supplier of great price advantage. All products are shipped directly from the Mingfeng LED lighting factory.

4. Mingfeng Lighting has a professional wholesale led lights team, can provide lighting design services for customers. Depending on the client's project, we will conduct lighting selection and lighting design, and provide energy-saving plans to reduce lighting costs and ensure that the lighting investment returns are less than 1.5 years (in some cases, the lighting investment can be returned within 1 year).

  • Factory Price

    MF lighting is a factory for more than 10 years to produce all kinds of LED light for all around the world, client get factory price from MF without any trader, it secure our client always a step ahead in the local market competition, our client occupy huge market by working with our factory very successfully, our client provides efficient service and support to local market thanks to MF powerful production system and service system, Our client's success is a REAL success of MF, MF can win only when our client win. MF factory dedicate ourselves to produce and export at extremely good reasonable cost/quality/performance ratio. Our client in local leads the market because MF produces only higher quality/performance led light for our client.

    Factory price makes you always a step ahead in local market, MF make it happen for you !

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  • ISO9001 Quality

    MF lighting factory is certified by ISO9001, all LED light products are produced according to ISO9001 standard, we know it as clear as crystal that, quality leads us to future, quality can bring mf lighting and our client go far beyond in the market.  MF lighting factory quality checking system has a strict standard during production procedure, not only that, but also in pre-production raw material checking and finished product checking system. Any products without quality control means northing.

    Quality is the future. No quality, No future!

  • ODM Service

    Thanks to MF talent engineering team, MF lighting provides an efficient ODM service, any concept or draft drawings from clients would be easily transformed to a real product in our production system. our engineer tech know-how and experience in LED light can turn ideas into a real product in Max.4 weeks, and our lal facility can secure the reliablity and performance of the prototype at a great efficiency.

    The clients from more than 100 countries in the past more than 10 years proofs that, clients are happy with our ODM service very much, becasue ODM service gives a direct local market response to meet the market needs timely!

    Flexible&high efficiency ODM service makes MF lighting different in the world !

  • Light Design

    MF lighting provides light design with the help of Dialux or Dialux evo,MF lighting has a design team to provide all kinds of light design in terms of road light design, home light design, shopping mall design, warehouse design, facade lighting design and so on.

    A light design team makes our client can present full package of service in local market, the light design make end user understand more easily by their eyes, the client can understand and feel it how it works in an efficient way, this powerful tool also support our client win more local markets comfortablely.

    MF Lighting factory is not only producing but also designing.

    Lights the world !

  • Professional Logistic Service

    Ming feng lighting Co.,ltd as a light factory ships cargo to all around the world every day by air, sea, train and international express. MF lighting has a talent shipping team to take care of this logistic service in a very professional way, the shipping agent works with MF lighting has a long term partner ship so that enable our shipping service always very reliable at very good cost.

    Logistic service is the last step to handle valued cargo to our lovely client hands timely and safely, our shipping team makes it happen !

  • Fast Lead Time

    Usually speaking, the lead time from our factory is that, 1 week for sample order, 2 weeks for bulk order.

    A Fast Lead time from mf light factory is very import for our client, MF lighting production system and engineering system has a very dynamic management team to secure our production lead time, MF lighting do whatever it takes to support our client and meet market needs, the lead time is one of the important part job. the whole team has high level awareness of how lead time important it is for market, especially, for many on site light projects.

    A reliable factory is alway providing the reliable lead time, and MF lighting make sure that, promise is promise over the lead time.

  • Quotation in 24H

    MF lighting provides offer in 24H as soon as client send inquiry to our sales engineer,the logical behind this is very simple, market needs, project needs that. A a step ahead of competitor makes result in big difference, our engineer team and sales has rich experience in all kinds of light projects. A price list can be offered in no time for MF standard product, an official offer can be sent in 24H for ODM product or project.

    Time is money, efficiency is MF life.

  • Production Capacity

    MF Lighting has been involved LED light for more than 10 years, a sufficient production capacity is essential for our clients to spread product to local channels timely, especially, at the light market peak season from April to Oct. MF lighting production management team and production system is very sophisticated and fexible. Thanks to the automatic production line and ISO9001 system,The max. production capacity potentially is 30K sets for indoor LED lights and 20K sets outdoor LED lights monthly. MF lighting system would take whatever it takes to secure production capacity to meet client's needs.

    MF lighting powerful production management team is the powerful weapon works behind our client to service local market.

  • Universal Certificates

    A qualified certificate is another named card of factory to entrance local market all around the world. Ming Feng Lighting Co.,Ltd has a bunch of certificates which allows our products export to Europea, Japan, Austrialia, North America and South America.The certificates covers CE, RoHS, CB, ENEC, REACH, SAA, CRM,KS,UL,cUL, SASO and INMETRO.  MF lighting has strategy partner ship with TUV and SGS lab.

    A right certificate can ensure our client in their country to get custom tax reducing and government rebate in a decent manner, and the universal certificate makes our partner can penetrate local market without any worrying any obstacles because all of product follows local regulations.

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