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Mini down light project in Brazil

Mini down light is named as cabinet lamp as well, cabinet lamp is often considered as "light can not be seen". It has unique flexibility and concealment. It is not only very common in cabinets, but also widely used in wardrobe, shoe and hat room and display window, bringing very comfortable and bright space effect. With the improvement of people's living standards, the aesthetic level is also constantly improving. Many owners pay more and more attention to home lighting design when decorating. The cabinet lamp has become an indispensable lamp in lighting design.

Kitchen is a place that is frequently used in daily life. For those who like to cook and want to cook, it is necessary to use Ming Feng Lighting cabinet lamp. People who often go into the kitchen know why they need to have Ming Feng Lighting cabinet lights?

Install ceiling or suspended lighting in the kitchen. When cooking or preparing materials, most of the light will be blocked by the cabinet or the body, which is easy to cause visual fatigue, affect the progress and lead to cutting injury. If you install the Ming Feng Lighting cabinet lamp, it will be a good way to avoid this situation.

There are door control induction, hand sweeping induction, human body induction and touch induction for cabinet lamps. On the kitchen console, most Brazilian customers will choose hand sweeping induction. Hand sweeping induction will be on as long as it is lightly swept, regardless of the wet or dirty hands. It is very convenient to use.

Although Ming Feng Lighting cabinet lights are known as Ming Feng Lighting cabinet lights, in addition to being mainly used in cabinets, we can also flexibly use them in wardrobes and shoe cabinets. When we open the wardrobe and shoe cabinet, it lights up and makes it easy for us to find clothes. In addition, Ming Feng Lighting cabinet lamp is also widely used in the window display cabinet of shopping malls. The local spotlight characteristics of the cabinet lamp enhance the clarity and three-dimensional effect of the commodity. Even the lighting of goods has become a knowledge. Good lighting can also improve the value of products invisibly, so as to bring people a high-level feeling.

  • Brazil Mini Light Distributor
    Brazil Mini Light Distributor
    Client from Brazil has been distributing our mini light since six years ago, the mini light is very popular in local, thanks to client powerful distribution network, end users can enjoy our light accross the whole country in Brazil. TBC.

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