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In recent years, with the development and maturity of LED technology, LED lamps are more and more popular in the field of lighting. In the field of Racecourse lighting, due to industry segmentation and high degree of specialization, only a few enterprises have launched LED lamps for Racecourse venues. LED lighting technology surpasses the traditional metal halide lamps in terms of energy saving, service life, installation and maintenance, intelligent application and lighting quality. It has a wide application prospect in the field of horse farm lighting.

In line with the high standard requirements of modern Racecourse venues and venue lighting, Ming Feng Lighting launched a new product of HDTV Racecourse relay level lighting - [airforce family series LED stadium lights].

Product features

·It has 500W and 1500W power

·The total light flux can reach 180000 LM

·High index CRI > 90, TLCI > 90, R9 > 20

·High purity aluminum integrated fin heat dissipation, fast heat conduction and excellent heat dissipation performance

·Professional light distribution, lens with narrow, medium, wide and other angles to choose from

·Professional anti overflow hood can effectively control the overflow light and avoid light pollution

·Protection grade: IP66, ik08, strong wind resistance of grade 17, no fear of outdoor harsh environment

·Maximum impulse voltage (T3) Vmax 20kV

Innovation 1: high power, small volume and light weight

Airforce family series 1500W led stadium light

Airforce family series LED stadium lights have a maximum power of 1500W and a total light flux of 180000 lumens. They are very suitable for long-distance illumination in large venues. Compared with the "assembled lamp", the integrated design of the whole lamp has smaller volume and more convenient transportation, installation and maintenance; Smaller windward area and higher safety factor. The whole lamp adopts the integrated design of high-purity aluminum, which is lighter, more durable and higher safety factor than traditional alloy products.

Innovation II high quality optical output

Airforce family series LED stadium lights adopt high display finger, high color fidelity LED chip and no stroboscopic characteristics, which can meet the requirements of 4K, 6K, 8K and HD TV broadcasting, and greatly improve the audience's on-site viewing experience and the quality of TV broadcasting. The total luminous flux of Airforce family-1600led stadium lamp can reach the industry-leading level of 180000 lumens, and launch narrow, medium and wide professional light distribution angles to meet the light distribution needs of different venues. At the same time, the professional anti overflow hood design can effectively reduce the overflow light and low glare, avoid light pollution, and more meet the various standards of HDTV relay lighting. From the perspective of environmental safety, metal halide lamps will emit a large amount of ultraviolet light, while LED lamps are more safe and environmentally friendly and will not produce any ultraviolet radiation. They do not contain mercury and other toxic and harmful substances used in metal halide bulbs to avoid environmental pollution.

Innovative and advanced heat dissipation structure design

Heat dissipation performance is the core factor determining the service life and performance stability of high-power LED lamps. Airforce family series LED stadium lights adopt high-purity aluminum integrated fin heat dissipation structure to effectively increase the heat dissipation area. The heat dissipation body is manufactured by cold forging process, with higher thermal conductivity. High purity and high density aluminum can quickly export heat, and efficient heat dissipation ensures the long-term effective operation of lamp chip.

Innovation four excellent quality

Airforce family series LED stadium lamps can replace metal halide lamps with the same power in a ratio of 1:2, saving energy by more than 60%, and reducing the consumption of distribution system and installation auxiliary materials; The service life can reach more than 60000 hours and the warranty is 10 years. Compared with the metal halide lamp light source with an average service life of only 3000 ~ 5000 hours, the maintenance frequency of the lamp is greatly reduced, so as to save the maintenance cost. At the same time, the traditional gold halogen lamp starts for a long time, and it takes 30 minutes to restore the lighting if the venue accidentally loses power and restores power supply. The LED lamps can be turned on and on, completely avoiding the problem of long-time game interruption caused by accidental power failure.

Three dimensional rotating bracket design, flexible adjustment, horizontal and vertical adjustment can be realized, with clear scale, light follows the heart.

Multiple installation methods

It is suitable for large sports venues, ski resorts, golf courses, horse racing courses, horse training courses and other places, and perfectly meets the HD broadcasting needs of events at home and abroad.

Today, with the gradual rise of the national movement, Racecourse lighting has become an important factor affecting the perfect presentation of all kinds of Racecourse events. As the market pioneer of high-end Racecourse lighting, Ming Feng Lighting will continue to promote the R & D and innovation of LED Racecourse lighting products, strive to create energy-saving and efficient Racecourse lighting, and make continuous efforts for the development of Racecourse lighting industry

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