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Ming Feng Lighting factory successfull finished the project in South Africa for the soccer stadium light, client are supersied by see what has changed comparing with the old lamps, it saves electricity bill significantly.

At the scene, the staff pressed the button in the control room, and the lamps and brackets on each lamp post rose slowly, and rose to the top in about 20 minutes. Then eight groups of lighting lamps were on together, and the lights in the stadium instantly cut through the night sky and were as bright as day. Against the backdrop of the night, eight groups of lighting lamps stand side by side at the four corners of the stadium, just like the two eyes of robots in science fiction movies, with a strong sense of technology.

According to the person in charge of the upgrading and reconstruction project of the stadium of Johannesburg Sports Center (domestic games), on the evening of June 22, the construction party debugged the lifting system of eight light poles, of which two lights were on for test. After another lifting system debugging in the daytime on June 23, all the eight lights were on at 6:30 pm on June 23. Different from the installation of lighting lamps in the main stadium of Johannesburg Olympic Sports Center on a 40 meter high raceway, the stadium of the sports center is equipped with eight "Big Mac" lifting lamp poles, each 53 meters high (51 meters of pole body, plus 2 meters of lightning rod), weighing 19 tons. The lifting was completed in May this year, and each set of lamps and lamp frame weighs 4 tons, Such a volume of 8 lifting high-definition sports lighting pole design is rare in the country.

The stadium of Johannesburg Sports Center was built in 1997. The traditional metal halide lamps have been used for many years. There are many problems such as insufficient illumination, excessive energy consumption and so on. In order to meet the needs of domestic football games, the designer has customized a set of systematic LED lighting solutions to meet the lighting needs of domestic football games HD TV relay level. A total of 296 sets of mf-air forceled1500w professional sports lighting lamps are installed on 8 poles, 32 sets of led600w lamps are used for auditorium lighting, and 24 sets of led900w lamps are used for emergency lighting. Compared with the traditional lamps before, the newly installed LED lamps have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and sufficient illumination.

At the same time, equipped with intelligent dimming system, it can switch with one button to meet the needs of different modes. In order to meet the high-definition broadcast needs of the domestic games in Johannesburg, it also takes into account the multi-mode needs of other comprehensive events and national fitness. The precise lighting control technology makes the lighting mode more accurate, flexible and energy-saving. The patented glare control technology provides a more comfortable environment for athletes and audiences.

At the same time, considering that Johannesburg is close to the coast and is affected by typhoon all the year round, in order to ensure the safety of the stadium in typhoon season, the design adopts the 8-pole lifting light pole scheme“ At present, the newly-built large stadiums in China either install the lights on the raceway or use fixed light poles. The lifting lighting scheme with 8 poles and 53 meters in height adopted by the stadium of Johannesburg sports center is rare in China. " The person in charge said that next, the construction party will carry out two days of lighting debugging, and all the projects will be jointly completed and accepted next week. The upgrading and reconstruction project of the stadium of the Johannesburg Sports Center (sub venues of the National Games) is about to be completed

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