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What problems should we pay attention to in classroom lighting?

Desktop illumination

The intuition of the human eye to the difference of the brightness of the external environment depends on the brightness of the external phenomenon. However, the right level of brightness is right and messy, because it involves different reflection characteristics of various objects. So in practice, lighting level is the primary measure of lighting《 According to the hygienic standard for daylighting and lighting in primary and secondary school classrooms, the illumination value on the desk should not be less than 300lx( LX is the illuminance unit, which refers to the luminous flux received per unit area)

Illumination uniformity

The illuminance uniformity of indoor lighting is usually indicated by the ratio of the minimum illuminance and the uniform illuminance of eye protection lamp in general classroom. In the learning environment, if there is a surface with great difference in illumination, it will lead to visual discomfort and fatigue. Therefore, the school classroom should adhere to a certain degree of uniformity of illumination.

Blackboard illumination

Blackboard lighting is one of the key points of classroom lighting. The purpose of blackboard lighting should be to enable students to quickly and correctly identify the words and graphics of the blackboard in class, reduce the fatigue caused by watching together, and ensure students' eyesight health and learning effectiveness. In the process of learning, primary and secondary school students need to look at the blackboard and desktop again and again. If they are in a bad lighting environment for a long time, it will simply cause eye diseases and reduce the learning power《 According to the hygienic standard for daylighting and lighting in primary and secondary school classrooms, the blackboard light in the classroom should be kept uniform and the illumination should be ≥ 500lx.


The most common classroom lighting is direct glare, reflected glare and light curtain glare. The direct glare is mainly composed of outdoor light source, lamp or luminaire whose brightness is too high to enter the visual field directly; Reflection glare and light curtain reflection are mainly composed of high brightness reflected by high reflection coefficient surfaces such as glossy blackboard surface and bright paper, which reduces the contrast of students' homework surface and affects students' reading. In traditional classroom lighting, the lamps with exposed tubes are often used, which may cause direct glare. In addition, improper selection or equipment of blackboard lamps may also cause direct glare《 The glare value of classroom lighting is ≤ 19

There are also some elements such as light source color temperature, classroom lighting power density and so on, which are some basic requirements of artificial lighting in school light environment.

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