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For the tunnel emergency light, it can aim in any direction, and has a structure not affected by climate conditions. The basic tunnel lamp is the prototype. It can aim at any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climate conditions. It is a lamp that specifies that the illumination on the illuminated surface is equal to the surrounding environment, also known as spotlight. Tunnel lamp is also known as linear LED tunnel lamp, because its shape is long. Its technical parameters are similar to those of LED tunnel lamp. With regard to the circular structure of LED tunnel lamp, the strip structure heat dissipation device of LED tunnel lamp manufacturer seems to be easy to handle. In the steps of LED equipment, we sometimes encounter two different devices: floodlight and tunnel light. What about the products between them? Please see the following recommendations: the difference between floodlight and floodlight is mainly reflected in the range of illumination between the two. The tunnel lamp of high-power tunnel lamp brand is also called cast tunnel lamp, spotlight, tunnel lamp and so on. It is recommended to be used for architectural decoration lighting and commercial space lighting.

In order to work reliably in dusty and humid environment, tunnel lamp has special requirements in structure design, shell and reflector. Closed lamps or convective lamps with upward light should be used in dusty environment; Attention should be paid to the sealing of the shell and the surface treatment of the reflector in humid environment; Generally, open lamps are commonly used in the room, with enamel surface reflectors, aluminum reflectors with thick alumina film or coated with silica protective film; Considering the inevitable vibration in the production place, the fixed light source should adopt the anti loose lamp holder and so on. There are many ways to fix the tunnel lamp. Generally, tunnel lamps are ceiling mounted, embedded, hoisted (straight pipe or chain) and wall mounted. The movable local tunnel lamp is equipped with corresponding hooks, handles, clamping feet, etc; Generally, the fixed local tunnel lamp is firmly locked on the working machine with screws or fixing mechanism.

Although we are very familiar with LED lights, there are more domestic products that need more technical products, and the first-class product market is loved by users, which also fully allows manufacturers to innovate in technology. We should not only know that led tunnel lamp has a certain energy-saving effect, but also don't understand its important significance. In fact, the selection of LED lamp has a great impact on our life. At present, LED tunnel lamp manufacturers are still in a stage of development. Although there are many kinds of products, there are still technological aspects to be improved. According to the market demand, combined with the advantages of manufacturers to create new products has become a more important key. At present, each country is using LED tunnel lights.

Compared with traditional tunnel lamp, LED tunnel lamp has great advantages

1. The high Ra of LED tunnel light is more than 70.

2. LED tunnel lighting is more efficient and energy-saving, equivalent to 100W LED tunnel lamp can replace the traditional 250W traditional tunnel lamp.

3. The traditional light source has the disadvantage of high temperature, the lamp temperature can reach 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, low temperature lamps, more secure.

4. In the continuous innovation of LED tunnel lamp, the new fin type radiator tunnel lamp has more reasonable radiator design, which greatly reduces the weight of tunnel lamp, reduces the overall weight of 80WLED tunnel lamp to less than 4kg, and perfectly solves the heat dissipation problem of 80-300wled tunnel lamp.

Tunnel emergency lights attract engineering and project contractors. The LED tunnel lamp is also an indispensable decorative lamp in many square buildings. But too many secondary users don't know how to choose professional LED tunnel lights in a wide range of products. The location of this kind of lamp needs to think of its coordination in the process of R & D and design. Due to external factors, wind or rain are uncertain to have an impact on this kind of lamp. 

Then, if you want to work in this kind of environment all the time, you need to have strong dust and water resistance. In addition, it has high durability, because if it is easy to break, it needs to be replaced from time to time, which will also bring trouble to LED tunnel lamp manufacturers. The arrangement of roof tiles of ancient buildings is concave and curved. One tile is buckled on the other one. The crescent shaped gap between the two tiles is only the installation space of tunnel lamp. The bracket at the bottom of corrugated lamp is inserted and fixed with glue. At night, the LED tunnel lamp lights up, forming a particularly spectacular roof effect.

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