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Ming Feng Lighting learned from customers in Tokyo, Japan that the public parking lot reconstruction project of Binhe Square underground civil air defense project has entered the stage of supporting engineering and equipment commissioning and will be put into use soon.

The underground civil air defense project of Binhe square is located on the south side of Dongjin road and the east side of Donghe Road, close to Jinying mall, 100 in the central area of Tokyo, Maoye department store and other large shopping malls. With the continuous increase of car ownership in the central area of Tokyo, the problem of parking is becoming increasingly prominent, especially in xibakou business district. It is "difficult to find a parking space" every holiday. In order to solve the parking problem of xibakou business district, speed up the construction of urban public parking lot and promote the management of parking order in the central urban area, Tokyo customers in Japan launched the public parking lot reconstruction project of Binhe Square underground civil air defense project in April this year, which is transformed, managed and operated by Tokyo Central District Transportation Station Construction Management Co., Ltd.

It is understood that the original space of the civil air defense project in Binhe square is about 1400 square meters, and only 48 cars can be parked. After the reconstruction of phase I project, some corner spaces have been utilized, and the number of parking spaces has been increased to 60, including 20 electronic charging parking spaces.

Ming Feng Lighting saw at the construction site that the road surface at the entrance of the parking lot has been painted in striking green, the voice controlled lighting of the underground parking space has been installed, and the basic commissioning of the electronic charging pile has been completed.

"In order to improve the efficiency of vehicle access, the parking lot adopts the latest electronic identification system, which will realize unmanned intelligent management." Okasan, the project leader of the underground parking lot of Binhe square, introduced that drivers passing by here can understand the remaining parking space information from the HD guidance screen at the entrance of the parking lot tens of meters away. The electronic identification system at the entrance and exit can read the vehicle license plate, sense the entry and exit of vehicles, retain vehicle pictures, record the access time, and transmit relevant information to the municipal platform in real time, The parking time and cost shall be calculated uniformly. In this way, it only takes 5 minutes for citizens to walk to the surrounding large supermarkets after parking, and it is also convenient to pick up the car and get out.

It is understood that the parking lot is implemented according to the underground parking charging standard: it is free for the first half hour of each parking space, 4 yuan for 2 hours during the daytime (8:00-20:00), 1 yuan for every half hour after 2 hours, and 3 yuan for 6 hours during the night (20:00-8:00).

According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal transportation station construction management Co., Ltd., after the opening of some parking spaces for civil air defense in Binhe square, the space of the underground idle commercial area will be further integrated, and strive to expand the number of parking spaces to more than 100, so as to further alleviate the problem of parking around Pozi street.

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