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How MF produce LED light for you?

Please take a look at above video, it tells you how MF assembly LED light for you. all regulations are under ISO9001 strictly. 

Any single component has to be quality checked by QA system before goes into production line.

All workers has be trained for a new lamp, and all workers has to trained before working in workshop.

All testing and production procedure are under humen-friend oriented management.

you get all best from MF manufacturing. the vide tells you all details.

How MF produce LED light for you?

1、 Lamp installation description

The installation of lamps is not difficult, but almost all customers who buy lamps will consult about how to solve the installation problem. They always worry about whether to package the installation. What if the service provider can't install it. Today, I will show you the installation process of lamps and lanterns, and you will know what processes and precautions are involved in the installation of lamps and lanterns.

2、 Lamp installation process

1. Lamp inspection

Check whether the lamps meet the requirements according to the installation site of the lamp market; Check and install accessories according to the packing list; Pay attention to check whether the relevant technical documents of the manufacturer are complete; Check whether the appearance of lamps is normal, and whether there are scratches, deformation, metal falling off, corrosion and other phenomena.

2. Assembling lamps

Connect the parts as a whole according to the installation instructions, the length of threading in the lamp shall be appropriate, the ends of multiple strands of flexible wires shall be tinned, and attention shall be paid to unifying the wiring color to facilitate the distinction between live wire and zero wire. Straighten out the lines in the lamp.

3. Lamp installation

Installation of ordinary lamp cap: cut off the power cord after leaving enough maintenance length, peel off the cord cap, and install the lamp holder on the junction box with connecting screws.

Installation of drop lamp cap: after leaving enough maintenance length for the power cord, cut off the remaining wire and peel out the wire cap, pass the wire through the lamp cap base, and fix the base on the junction box with connecting screws. Take a section of lamp wire, connect the lamp cap at one end, fasten the safety buckle in the lamp cap, thread the other end of the lamp wire into the base cover bowl, fasten the safety buckle in the cover bowl, connect the lamp wire with the power line on the base with a crimping cap, and screw on the buckle bowl.

4. Power on test run

Turn on the power and test whether it is powered on.

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